Thursday, March 14, 2013

Soul Cycle

Powerful Fitness Women
With the help of my coworkers, I have attended two spin classes.

Not any spin class, but Soul Cycle.  Imagine yourself strapped to a stationary bicycle.  You are surrounded by women that seem to have their hair up in the same way and wearing the same sports bra. They are pumped.  They are about to burn 700 calories in 45 minutes.

Like bowling, you are required to rent special shoes.  But these shoes are made to attach to your back... so you can't escape.. you are literally connected to the bike petals.  You soul is plugged in.

The first class I took was with this amazing coach... she stated, "tonight you are not a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, a coworker... tonight you were an athlete!!!!"  With those words I felt my breast contract into my body. With only candle light and clubbing music I was on an adventure up virtual mountains as I discover self respects, forgiveness and pain.  It was like I was in a bubble bath of fitness and I brought my favorite vibrator.

To my delight the music of choice was hip hop.  We bounced in rhythm to Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough.  We simulated pushups against the handle bars.  We used 1lb weights to tone our arms.  We varied our speeds and pushed through each song with only a couple of minutes to recover.  People were woo-ing and I found myself woo-ing as I ignored the pain my knees, balls of my feet and calves that cramped.  At one point I was going to give up.  It hurts so much, but I was empowered by everyone around me.  The sweat was dripping from my face... any water I had was now on my skin.

The last song was to Heaven by Emeli Sande... I pushed and pushed to finish the program, the mass, the ceremony.  And I prepared myself for my body to crumble after everything has ended... but it didn't because of appropriate post work out stretches.  "Leave behind anything you want and take with you a stronger you."  I felt like I just accomplished something great.... like I found myself and kicked the balls of my aggressor.

I was a new me!

Then I went down the street for an oven brick pizza.  Yes.

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