Thursday, March 21, 2013

Holi - Festival of Colors 2013

Color Toss by Ribshots
After last year's epic Holi fail, I was determined to celebrate the Hindi festival of colors properly.  I was trilled to discover a legitimate festival just 20 miles away in Norwalk and booked the date months in advance.  Last year, I found something online.. I gathered about 6 guys hyping up the festival and when we arrived, it was as if we were crashing an Indian family's picnic.  They were celebrating, but there were about 30 of them in a random park... it was a little awkward so we just walked in circles and dashed away.

This year was different.  Full on festival with hundreds in attendance at Excelsior High School in Norwalk.  There was a color toss every hour, yoga, live music all day and food.

I first discovered Holi in 2006 back in Berkeley when I had Indian friends:

Check out the twinky version of myself.  Holi is meant to be wet.  But with all the smart phones and cameras - colored, edible dry powder has been used... but if you had Asama, you would dye.  See what I did there?

It's to celebrate spring, fertility, love... you're supposed to walk around and rub colors on strangers and wish them a happy Holi.  Though we used this opportunity to touch hot shirtless guys...  the value is still there.

Check out that Greek god on the left... yes... Happy Holi

Practicing color tossing

Enjoying the perfect weather

We had a stranger straddle our legs to take the picture. :D

Here comes the color toss:

As you can see.. it was amazing... until I couldn't breath.  I told myself not to panic and breathed through my nose.  Good lord.

The second time we learned and watched from afar.  Check out Charle's video:

Eventual you become a brown mess.

If you're too lazy to press play, here's gif:

Jimmy looks like he has an earring here

Amazing pictures found below:
Russo Mutuc
Live Free Mind State
Mark Gonzales

Apparently there are a handful of tutorials online on how to take your DSLR to Holi and not damage it.  We saw a ton of professional cameras with plastic bags and rubber bands wrapped around.  We stuck with our iPhones.  With a little rub on the grass they were as good as new.

Spring is here!  Celebrate good karma and well being!  I feel like this is the theme of March with my spin classes and portion control.  I'm still eating lots of food... just a little less. YourMamaStay!

Amazing shot by B3N2T

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Russo Mutuc said...

oh, cool! I stumbled on your blog linking to my photo essay on the Festival of Colors . Thanks for sharing it!

What a fun event, next year, I plan to head to Utah for the bigger event.

-Russo Mutuc