Saturday, May 30, 2009

Holding on to my Morals.

Me: Yup
D: Why not? Making out at the clubs is fun.
Me: I guess.

Gosh, folks think I'm such the slutty Dragon rat...
Yes People, I have never made out with someone at the club!!!


I ran into an old floormate from the dorms.. after a couple of drinks

Boy: Yeah! I just came out like a year and a half ago.. I'm really new to this.
Me: *intrigued and turned on*
Boy: Yeah, I've been suppressing my true feelings for a long time
Me: *drags boy to dance floor while saying hi to um.. 10 people*
Boy: You're really popular
Me: I come here too often. I'm not a slut, I swear. *commences close dancing on hip-hop floor*
Boy: Are you flirting with me? I'm so bad at this.
Me: You're cute
Boy: I always thought you were cute too, but I have to go. Something to do in the morning
Me: *follows boy to car 3 blocks away... while holding hand*
Boy: I'm really glad, I ran into you... you're really friendly.
Me: *smiles*
Boy: I guess I'll see....
Me: *pushes face in and makes out for...30 seconds on the streets of SF*
Boy: Slutty slut slut *walks into the car and leaves* call me.


While I walked back to the club, I look at my clock: 11:59pm.

Do you think this counts as "making out at the club?" because technically, I wasn't at the club and no one saw me to judge. But you guys can judge me... as usual. lol.


DJ SYSKO was so good, so ghetto, so awesome. He played REAL Hip hop and I seriously got hyphy. I think I scared some folks shaking my dreads, and throwing elbows so intensely. I was sad that some of my gay friends weren't ghetto enough to enjoy it and found shelter on the FOB, Gay Stereotype floor... *cough* I mean High Energy, House Music Floor =X (I'm sorry.. I really hate it.) And I got really sad, when no one knew the cupid shuffle.... I guess I have to go to the dirty south for that one.

I'd like to go to a club where everyone knows this... I think it might have to be one in Oakland.

The rest of the night was well behaved. :] Met some out of town cuties, but I guess I'm only confident with the noobs. Gosh, when does this fetish end?!


And I really do appreciate your comments! I have no idea who follows my feeds. Lol.


Gauss Jordan said...

Heh. The Cupid Shuffle... it seems that EVERY wedding I've been to has played that in the past year or two.

How could people not know it?

Of course, during my recent gambling trip to Louisiana they played this at least once a night in the club at the resort.

Those moments were the few moments when I didn't feel like a total ass on the dance floor, because that, at least, I knew.

Luuworld said...

you go boy! :-P

dannie said...

i would totally get hyph with you. too bad i dont know the cupid shuffle tho. but i still need to see you at the club lol