Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"hey... it's me"

While waiting for my rideshare I observed this guy who just arrived. He picked up his phone and dialed, "hey... it's me... hello?" Bad reception.

At what point in our relationship with others are we allowed to substitute our name with 'me?' It's not a guessing game, it's subtle sign that your voice is so important that by saying 'me' you're also saying...

"it's me... I miss you."
"it's me... I love you."
"it's me... remember that time...."
"it's me... I'm here for you."
"it's me... I'll never leave you."

This is the opposite of... "hey, I'm sorry, I got a new phone.. who is this?" Which translates to...
"I'm sorry.. you're not important enough to be transferred."

Just an observation.

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x! said...


This totally reminds me of my psychostalker. 4 weeks of talking to her on the phone, she started to introduce herself as "Hey, it's me."

Then I said "Oh, hello ____"

then she said "OH YOU KNEW WHO IT WAS! I love you!!" <3

Then I said, "Yeah, thank god for caller idea."

Then she said, "FML."