Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friends and Lovers

Multiple Lovers
At the South East Asian Graduation ceremony at Berkeley, Christine alleviated me of loneliness. We basically cuddled on the wooden floor as graduating seniors said their teary thank yous one by one. Her touch was warm... I absolutely love her.

We had a discussion about Polyamory (having multiple lovers). The problem with monogamy is envy... we get jealous when the people who are special in our lives interact romantically/sexually with others (for understandable reasons). In a way, the people that we care about become a possession. "He's mine, back off... get your own man." Who are we to claim others as ours?


Legacy of SEA and Sky
JV, who posses the biggest heart I know, was the last to go on the stage. It was there that he invited his grandma who's never been on a college stage to come up with him and accept the diploma. He proudly stated to the 50 families before him: when we earn a degree, our family earns a degree with us. Our successes are a reflection of our family's successes. His powerful words tugged me as he adorned his confused little grandma with his sashes, leis and hugs her proudly. "This is for you."


Seyron used his guilty powers and got me to travel to Berkeley again to see him before he leaves. Seyron considers me his Kuya, like JV does, so of course I must come to see him when he sends an invitation. Appropriately while I was feeling lonely (as were a lot of people I knew).

As we strolled the streets of Berkeley with his arm comfortably around my shoulder, I realized that I wish I had been more public about my affection while I was a student. That's right, i wish I was MORE touchy!

To me, we are a society that needs more touching from guys (gay or straight). We need to be reminded with subtle/blunt touches that we care for one another at that instant. I am a proponent of BroMance and tasteful PDA. Oh and I wish I ate at CheeseBoard Pizza while I was there. North Side was such a mystery to me!


Friends Scattered
We saw Star Trek, the non stop action left my heart beating irregularly and the quick dialogue left my brain struggling. But it was nice to catch up with the rest of the world.

I visited Miwa who is an old lady now. She works then sleeps at 10pm in her Emeryville home with her husband and dog. She kicked me out after reminiscing when her bed time came so I called my nocturnal buddies Charles and Huan:

An emergency snack and Huan without his MoHawk... nasty!

Huan has a new boo in his life, who I find adorable. =X The boy complimented my textured hair!

After my trip, I realize that my friends weren't out of touch... I'm beginning to understand why people travel to see good friends. I am an idiot for letting traffic and gas prices deter me from surround myself with the company that I obviously posses (I have no right to feel lonely). If only I didn't fall asleep at the wheel.

Huan & Charles are looking for a 3rd roommate, and I am plan B. I think it would be a smart thing to do to move in with them. For me to settle with any job to make rent, force me to be independent... I hope something comes up with that other guy =X


The day before, I celebrated Memorial Day with Caitlin and Joe with some Sangria Pong... because we're classy. Joe has been really loyal to me... despite how popular he is. :D

I know, I know.. I only own two V-necks, give me a break, Im trying to catch up with the other gays.


Today I flirted with Craig (despite knowing he has a boo =X) and he reciprocated.
I sat next to him, looking at his cute face. He must have noticed and so he doodled on my notebook: "Hi! :]" My heart sort of skipped a beat.

Why do you tease me? The mutual doodling distracted me and class was over quickly. I asked for his screen name (because a phone number would be too forward) and left him quickly playing the "cool guy card," then skipped to my car when he was out of sight.

I think I'm setting myself for utter failure.... unless polyamory is a part of his vocabulary. I like that idea: multiple lovers... sounds like the most honest thing gay guys can do.

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