Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spicy Salsa!

So Andre invited me to go to some Free Salsa Lessons in Japantown San Jose!

And I'm like, FUCK YEAH!

BTW, my cousins dances Salsa competitively, she's the hottie in the blue:

The class was awesome. The teacher has obviously done this class too many times- his words were dry like a tutorial. I was actually proud that he was Asian.

As more students filled the room, I noticed that there were WAY too many guys. Strange. Soon Andre had to leave and I stayed by my lonesome. As I rotated partners, I felt as if the girls were giving me strange looks as if I was a creeper.

Calm down, I'm fucking gay.
Maybe because I was unshaven and my hair was a mess and my shirt was stained (i came straight from the gym)

And because there were too many guys, I found myself with out a partner a good number of the rotations. Initially, I felt a bit suave for picking up the steps, but as the patterns got harder, I actually sucked badly. My Swing Dance rhythm messed me up and I was getting a bit frustrated.

So I left. But I'm not defeated.
These classes are free, please join me. Please?

I know you would take them with me Michelle NooYen.

Next week, he invited me to Aztec Dancing!!! Woot woot. Hopefully he doesn't leave early again.

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