Friday, May 22, 2009

I Miss Straight Friends

"Aw yeah, that's one of my best friends. He's gay too. He's just like you.. chill and not flamboyant."

HAHAHAHA! Wait until you see me excited.

After chilling with my cousin and her posse of 30+ urban-Asian-American-north-san jose-Dave and buster folks from Independence/Piedmont, I realized that I miss hanging out with straight people. Man, they were all so nice and chill and my cousin was such a mess. She threw her gum on the floor and quickly picked it up before we were kicked out.


So.. thanks to my investigator, it is confirmed that doodling Craig from class is gay. YES
But also, he is taken. NO

GayDar = Epic Win
SingleDar = Fail Whale!


Alex C. said...

Awww sorry to hear about Craig. Good for you for liking to hang out with breeders. You're better than me on that!


dannie said...

i miss the straight crowd too...the cool straight crowd. at least you get to look still :]

Luuworld said...

the good ones are always taken. rule of life!