Sunday, May 24, 2009

3:30 AM Pissed off Session

I'm getting a bit annoyed when folks don't respond to texts or when they don't call back once they see a missed called... for one reason or another.

About 5 of my friends did that to me this weekend and you know what. Fuck off.
I'm not even going to bother calling you anymore.

What topped the cake was when my brother called me at 1am while I was out and asked to be picked up because mom and dad weren't responding tohis calls. I texted my parents, got no response so I sobered up and went to pick up my brother at 3AM to find out that my parents swung by 10 minutes earlier.

I was so pissed, I knocked on their bedroom door and in the most perturbed voice said, "NEXT TIME, when you can't pick up Shannon (my younger brother) please let me know." My mom responded that she wasn't aware that Shannon called me... I uttered, "ridiculous" and closed the door.

I love that my parents party, but this is getting out of control.

=end rant=

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dannie said...

hope you're okay now *hug