Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm not even on accutane yet. Are you guys excited?!
Sorry for being a downer.


Last night was brilliant. My friend, Tiffany, who works for the advertising agency, was in town and I showed her lovely downtown San Jose. I learned a new term for being drunk: Smoshed... cool.

We Karaoked (o-town biiitch), danced, hookahed and LaVics until 2am. Gay bar, dive bar, early 90s bar. The sake bar was closed and we bypassed the clubs that had the audacity to charge 10-20 bucks on a Sunday.

It was so pleasant to have her by my side. Bouncing back and forth in conversation- because we have good chemistry even though we haven't talked in a century.

She forwarded my resume to her CEO. Hopefully, I get in. I'd move to LA... and that doesn't sound like a bad idea. I love the Yay Area. I HATE LA, but... you know what? let's do something different.

:[ I didn't have my camera.. so no pictures with Tiff. These are from Saturday.


Thanks for the encouraging words you guys! :D. They were giving out free girl's underwear the other day. What do you think?


What I like about Straight clubs:

1. Awesome music, top forty shit and Hyphy dancing.
2. Bumping shoulders with straight guy friends, throwing our arms in the club like we rule the place.
3. And the adrenaline you get from hitting on a guy and not knowing if he's gonna kick your ass or ask you out.

What I hate about Straight clubs:
1. Creepy guys standing on the sidelines who don't dance, but rather EYE rape everyone
2. Slutty girls who get into girl fights.. pushing and shoving for no god damn reason.
3. Dress code. I had to wear a jacket over my "inappropriate white t." You serious?!

Girl lost some extensions!

Voodoo is now my club of choice in San Jose.


Congratulations class of '09. Especially you, JV. You are my adding.. or subtracting... or whatever that Pilipino term is. I have no pictures with you in my camera :[


dannie said...

lol i think it's "ading" aww the girls panties look like swimmies, rock them at the pool yo. goodluck witht he potential job even if it is in LA.

moAny said...

Is that your new club shirt? Don't wear it too often or else people will think you have no other shirt. =D I for one am starting to think you wore that shirt two nights in a row without washing it. Gross.

Huan said...
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letopho said...

noooo!! That was the same night!!! LOL

Will said...

The Eye Rape you mention happens plenty at gay clubs too.

But yeah I've been kinda 60/40 ing it with my straight and gay friends lately. Part of it is that I just have more straight friends since I didn't come out that long ago, but also I'm kind of expecting to hang out a lot more with my gay friends once the weather gets nice and every weekend is a gay beach weekend, so I'm trying to hang with the heteros as much as possible now.