Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Seemingly Functional Family Goes Crazy

I should have gotten the clue when my dad offered my mom wine after dinner. As we were cleaning up, I discussed with my parents how my brother should have already done his homework for me to check. NOT wait for me, to start. I yelled at him from downstairs to do it and proceeded to my bedroom.

In about 10 minutes I hear yelling from upstairs through my non insulated walls. "SHUP UP!" My dad's voice booms through the neighborhood. I hear my brother react, "I AM!" My dad says it three times. For a second, I debated whether to intervene, but decide to stay put because I play parent too often. I hear arguing, then my mom's voice say something. Footsteps towards my room, my Mom looks at me and goes, "I don't know what to do with him, he's so rude." I shrug it off in a gesture that read, "he's your son." And suddenly, BOOM, the walls shake, like the door was slammed.

We rush upstairs to discover my 15 year old my brother siting quietly at the computer, "what happened?" He ignores me and I tell my mom to check the master bedroom, must be Dad. He's not there. She finds him downstairs in the dark cooling off, I follow. "Who made that noise?" "Who else do you think?" My dad implies my brother has gone insane. BOOM! The walls shake, I run up stairs to find my brother in the same spot he was in in front of the computer. I look at the wall and there is a gash. Myspace is open on the computer, aim windows are flickering. "What the heck!?"

My mom and dad come up and I point at the hole, "look what he did!" I am accusational. My mom goes crazy, "HE'S SO VIOLENT! I HAVE TO CALL THE POLICE!" She grabs the phone and I look at her like she's psycho, "are you crazy?!" My brother responds to her irrational statement, "FINE! CALL THEM, SO I CAN BE OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOREVER!" Typical. I hug my crying mom and grab the phone from her hand. Then I push her to my shocked dad and direct them away from my brother. I am shakened.

I close the door to the office.

"I don't know what to say to you, what the hell happened?!"

"Ask dad" He mumbles, looks down, clicks at dead end links.

"Okkk... you need to calm down, I'm going to get you water, Please don't make anymore holes."

I grab him a mug. A worthless mug so that if he throws it, it's not glass.

"Drink this, calm down, what's wrong?"
"Ask dad" same answer 4 times until I try a different tactic.

"OK, so dad comes up and asks you if you did your homework, then what?" Finally, he gives in... I have to guide him line by line. "then what happened? why did he tell you to shut up? what did you say?"

Apparently he just broke up with his girlfriend. Apparently mom was tipsy from 1/4 a cup of wine. And apparently, my dad doesn't know how to deal with attitude (that's the no surprise.)

He was in tears but opening up and vented to me. I was in a goofy mood, told him that he needs to apologize for being rude and for driving mom crazy. He needs to learn how to talk to mom and dad and learn when to be quiet to win arguments. Because they wont accommodate you, you need to work them. I laughed at how he kicked a hole in the wall and asked him if his foot hurt. I told him that he's supposed to write things down when he's pissed. He told me that doesn't work, but sad music is better for him. I called him emo, smiled and laughed. I told him to do his homework and left to check on mom and dad.

My mom was dressed, "we are going for a walk." Great idea. Instead, they take the car and I pray they drive safely. I go online and realize how goofy I am because I was more amused than concerned with the situation. It's ridiculous! My family is ridiculous. Mony was in a bad mood, but doesn't pick up his phone, and all I wanted to do was go to the gym.

My brother comes down, asks for help and eats all the cookies Neil made for me; inhales them at record speed. He seemed calm. I show him "put it in purse" and he was not amused. And I follow him upstairs to help him with his current events at turbo speed and dash out for the gym. I told him that it would be a good idea for him to log off after he was done.

I call up dad and told him that he should talk to my brother tomorrow. To this he responds, "I'm NOT talking to him, he needs to talk to me. He was so rude, what did he say to you? I hope he wasn't lying." Lord. I tell my dad that what mom did was wrong: threatening to call the police and I am very upset about that. He defends her and said, "did you hear what he said afterward?" Um.. dad, I would say the same thing if you threaten to call the police on me. You're wrong, period. He acknowledges my opinion and tells me they're at TJ Max. I ask for a nice tie. I'm still in a goofy mood.

2 hours at the Gym, I come home not knowing what to expect. My parents are home. At the computer desk my brother wrote a note. How sweet. Before I went to the gym, I told him that he was in deep shit and he needed to do some damage control. Come on, work the system. I was so amused, I took pictures. Wow, being a teenager is fun. I remember when I wrote a letter to my dad, I told him I hated him. He cried for days. Haha, I was so fucked up.

God, if I'm going to live here for a year, it needs to not be hazardous.

Sigh, his English is so poor.

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Tofu said...

His English seems fine, and in any case I hope your family is too! I'm glad you're good at mediating things :]