Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Every time he drives his car, my coworker does the sign of the cross, touches his lips then touches the rosary hanging from his rear view mirror. Every time.

I remember when I was younger, I was encouraged to pray before bed for having a good day. My mom and dad would sit upright in their bed with their eyes close for about 2-3 minutes, uninterrupted by me or anything that isn't life threatening.

At church, I would say the same prayer in my head: "Sorry God for not paying attention. Church is very boring, can you do something about that? Maybe some gospel? Okay, well bless my family and my friends they mean a lot to me and thank you for the great life you have given me, I am very lucky." And then snack on the body of Christ, but without chewing of course.

I'm a bad Catholic, but I figured, my parents were good Catholics and therefore, nothing bad could happen to their son because that would be misfortune on them. How selfish of me. But that doesn't mean I escape religion completely, I'm just not that motivated. I go to church for the singing to show off that I have a decent voice compared to the vocal monsters in the crowd. I try to harmonize with my dad and zone out for the rest of the hour.

I do pray before long trips or rainy car rides or when I'm scared. And recently, since my car shakes violently if I drive over 60, I touch my own rosary that is hidden behind my air freshener. I think it's a common human element to do such things. I "knock on wood" very often and I'm sure others have their own methods to ensure their safety. Having faith that everything is going to be ok is what makes people move forward and it's a security that we can't live with out. And because we are often on our own, with out faith that there's something to look forward to, I don't think anyone can do what they do now.

What do you do to remind you that things are okay?

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