Monday, October 22, 2007

Downe Community: Fostering Sexual Babylon or Supportive Network for Personal Growth?

I love my drive in traffic because I'm allotted time to catch up and talk about interesting things to various people. Today, I talked to Seyron about our community.

Earlier that day I recieved an email regarding the "downe identity" as a workshop.
I responded:


Check out this blog:
Though it's in need of much updating, it should be somewhat interesting to your endeavor of the downe identity.

Since I can't be there on Sunday I'd like to offer insight.

As you may have read on wikipedia or urbandictionary, you can conclude that the identity downe ties into being gay and an ethnic minority. Though it implies being on the "down low," recent communities have adopted that term as a sort of empowerment.

Because being Gay also has a "white majority" culture, being gay and ethnic has a completely different definition. And therefore a need to define that identity is some what resolved.

At times, many individuals of color find themselves lost because they don't identify with gay white, queer as folk culture. But they may with an identity that has been recently created. A growing community that needs fostering in order to make coming out and self respect easier to achieve. At the same, by being a fairly new identity, individuals are able to mold the term to fit their personal needs. Therefore, downe is not as concrete or easy to define. My definition is different than yours. Furthermore, subcommunities have their own definitions- Black people who identity as downe, Pilipinos, South East Asians, Lesbians, etc. But the important thing to realize is that it enables us as a sort of underground community to come together in some commonality. It is a support system that makes being gay and being a part of an ethnic group, (a double minority) less of a challenge when you know there are others in the same situation; with same experiences. And in essence learning from each other, making mistakes, and being friends... growing as people and loving each other's company; it is a movement that empowers those who are often oppressed by expectations and stereotypes. And it's a safe space that these individuals can easily claim as their own.

I love it all,


But like I said, my optimistic view of the community does not hold true for others. To many, it's a network that fosters promiscuity. Of course, those behaviors exist in the individual, but "because of the social environment, they are augmented." This got me thinking. Is it to say that temptations circle around the social nature of the community that I regard as a support system is in actuality an open opportunity for easy hook ups? I guess I've blocked that from my mind since I place everyone I know in the "friend zone" except for hot straight boys that want nothing of it.

I wonder how many people hooked up after the red or blue party. I surely didn't. But quite possibly because I consider myself to be in a stage where hooking up is not as appealing as it once was before. But again, that lays within me, as I claim complete control of my decisions regardless of the behavior that surround me.

So could you really say, that removing yourself from 'such an environment' would keep you from being promiscuous? Though difficult, I feel that if it's "in your system"you would find other ways to fill those 'biological urges.' Right? No matter where you are. It's more about the self; the maturity level of the individual that determines what they decide to do no matter the environment they're in. But I guess being surrounded by delicious Asian goodies... hahahah Right... where hooking up is a norm, making friends is also making quickies and making out with strangers at parties is expected means you are in an environment that IS indeed fostering this sort of behavior even though it's out of mere fun. But, tell me about a gay community that is devoid from all flirtatious behavior... and for that reason alone, many individuals keep themselves away, desire to escape or refuse to identify. Which is sad since there is absolutely much more to be obtained from the community than sex with no strings attached.

And as an individual in that community, I guess what's important to me is not fighting temptations but rather focusing on what's important, being honest, and not regretting what I did the morning after.


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