Sunday, October 7, 2007

Good Bye Septermber, Hello October! Recap!

God, I love having a camera! This is what I have been up to:

Sept 20: Diana Sushi Yogurt Sushi Good Bye
I popped Diana's sushi cherry, I can do it again! Please check out Sato Sushi for amazing rolls! Afterward, we enjoyed some yogurt at Sweet Retreat and got more than we ordered because the guy was gay. Yay benefits! We then enjoyed a quick game of Ignia to Ignia and said our good byes. And in between we took many pictures on Custom Timer! Apparently, it was embarrassing to pose for 10 pictures in a row in front of a camera balanced on a trash can. Diana and I made Summer 2007 baby!

Sept 21: Good Bye Madeline & Off to Hunters
Madeline was the only person who I didn't take downtown! But we had good times having wholesome fun. I visited her one last time before she went back to Irvine. Isn't she pretty? Afterward, I headed to Hunter's to hang with Silver Creek peoples and realized that I hate electronic music.

Sept 27: Dave & Busters & Downtown San Jose with Jen!
Jen has been my pen pal for ages and though I failed to return a letter since 2005, she has keep me in mind and calls me when she's in town. She states how grateful she is to have me and I feel the same. I showed her how gay boys do it and we had a blast at dnb and downtown with a fantastic cheap buzz! BTW. Cinebar puts too much Midori and not enough sour! And once again, Mission Ale wins for having the best DJ! Jen can down!
In the car I played the CD Jen made me for my birthday that played songs from middle school that included Barbie Girl, Wannabe, Hit Me One More Time, Barely Breathing etc. She proclaimed with excitement how much she love each song that played on our ride to dnbs. It wasn't until the end that told her to eject the CD to see what I labelled it. Hehe, she declared that she was wondering why I had such great taste in old music! LoL. :D I love playlists made by other people. *hint hint*

Sept. 30: Lovefest & Michelle's House Warming
What was supposed to be a lonely visit to a good friend's house warming party, turned into a day trip in SF! Mony and Eric accompanied me where we experience the Lovefest with Michelle and her cool roommate. We also checked out the Giant Robot store on Height & Ashbury and a famous dessert shop. I discovered that being drunk would make electronic dance music more enjoyable and that SF has hidden treasurers everywhere like the affordable noodle restaurant that we ate at for dinner!

Michelle's new chapter is wonderful. Her apartment is in a safe neighborhood and walking distance from a nice park and Height & Ashbury! Her roommates are sweet and sexy! The party started off awkward when I offered everyone blow jobs. But became smoother as I pounded drink after drink with Mony and Eric quickly adapting to Michelle's friends. Liz was also there and so were other people I was familiar with like Harriet and her gang. I found myself flirting with every hot straight guy there (all 2 of them). Mony told me that I actually corned a guy until he ran away looking for a beer! I was all over the place, but I was carefree and enjoyed the company of others. In all honesty, I do not remember the conversations, names, or disgusted faces, but I had a good time and hopefully I provided adequate lewd entertainment for Michelle's friends from BP and various other circles.

We decided the best thing to do was to crash and in the morning we had a sweet San Fran breakfast! There are pictures at the beginning and end of the party. Like my memory nothing was captured from in between! Michelle makes me laugh nonstop. And my boys make me feel warm and loved.

Oct. 6: VSA Dvd Screening
Do I miss it? Hell yeah I do! After meeting and greeting good friends and culture show people, I realized that doing culture shows was the highlight of college. I made Eric and Mony watch parts of the Sai Gon Trang Mo DVD, the Visions DVD, and the Identity DVD. I could tell Moany was in pure agony as he suggested other things to do. One more music video please! I need to find the Viet Nam Ten Goi DVD that I did hip hop for and the Commitment DVD that I did swing dance! I am sad that it's so difficult to do that out of college. In fact, it's impossible to join dance teams unless you're amazingly good or a choir for that same reason. Sigh, though I do plan to take some hip hop classes with Mony. I can't wait to see the talent the brilliance on stage this year from the younger people who inspire me!

While watching the DVD, I realized that I did a couple of scenes pretty poorly and that my posture is god awful. Sigh. I also really love what VSA is doing this semester: promoting culture, spreading awareness, having presence. In addition, their historian Thi is a photonatzi! I love it SO much! I wish that in 2004 when I was a sophomore, they didn't have their backs turned to me. I wish that when I expressed interest, that they weren't jerks that played poker and turned off Vietnamese people from their own community. Stupid bastards. But whats happening now is amazing and I can't be happier for the larger Vietnamese community at Berkeley.

Oct. 5: Late Night
What to do at 3am besides sleep? Cardinals! Moany, Z-toe, and I headed to out to eat more food to solidify in our bodies. Their company keeps me sane and prevents me from dying of completely loneliness and unloveditivity. <3

Oct. 6: Body Worlds & Purikuna
At the Japanese Market we discovered the Japanese Photobooth which is decades ahead the American photostrip! For a mere $5 we took 6 pictures in ridiculous poses and were allotted 10 minutes to decorate! Though the pictures were ridiculously small, it was more about the exhilaration of being under a time crunch while being observed by a Japanese guy who helped us with the alien system.

Gays do it better! Apparently we get better treatment! Immediately after entering the Tech Museum we were asked if we want to buy tickets and bypassed the line of 50 and bought our entrance at the membership line! Brilliant! At the Body World's exhibition were amazing displays of the human body. The models were from actually people who donated their bodies for science. It was creepy, yet educational! I wish they allowed photography, but you can check it out until January! While observing the displays, Moany and Z-toe overheard a boy say, "mommy? I don't want to be a Doctor anymore." How sad.

Oct. 7: Mission Peak Hike!
One hour and a half hike to the highest point of the south bay. Here, we were able to view the lower part of the bay. We were high enough to locate Oakland! The view was gorgeous and the company was sweet. As you can see, I have a walking stick for my old body.
Events to look forward to: Pumpkin carving, Theatre Rice & IMPORTANT Birthdays in November!


Christopher said...

fun pics haha

dannie said...

purikura, non?

looks like you've had a fun time!
i've been to hunters!! maybe i'll see you there sometime. is that really house music?

dannie said...

oh gosh! how boring is that.

i've only gone to Hunters on Thurs. I wonder if it's the same DJ thurs/fri either way they need new music.

the holla said...

re: oct 6. it's confirmed that you kids are officially homosexual. no questions left! i'll pass on the word to myla..

yay you are such a good documenter! i should print out this blog so i can remember my summer... before the internet dies and we all jump off buildings.