Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My mom told me about how her dad, my grandpa treated her when she was 14.

In the morning she would wake up early to go to French school because my grandpa dreamed that one day she would make a better life for herself in France. Afterward, she would spend time in regular school and then Martial Arts at night. It was impossible for her to do homework even though the consequences were high.

My grandpa told her that she needed to rank at least 15 in her class of 50, but when she was working toward her black belt she couldn't do it. Her report card came in and she ranked 30. My grandma hid the report so that my grandpa wouldn't beat her. But he was smart. He asked for it and my grandma had to give it up. Defending my mom say shouted, "what do you expect from her?! She's only 14! How in the world is she supposed to rank so high when you keep her busy." My grandma ignored the defense. At the sight of the number, he immediately grabbed an electric cable from the general store that they owned to whip my mom. "Are you trying to kill her?" My grandma shouted once again. My mom just earned her black belt I remind you and dodged the cable. Instead, it lashed my grandma's leg black and blue. My mom hid upstairs while my grandpa and grandma had a silent argument for a month.

Scared for that month, she skipped dinner until my grandpa out of guilt came up to the third floor where she was hiding and scolded her to eat.

I remember other stories about my mom when she was young in Vietnam. She had a dog that bit her by accident. My grandpa was so upset that he beat the dog and left it to die in the yard.

You think you know everything, but there is so much to be learned from those who've experienced things that you can't even imagined happened.

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