Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Search of a Good Vietnamese Cooking Show

Just learned about Maangchi, a Korean food cooking guru.  She has this auntie, mommy vibe that makes her show so entertaining.  Jimmy told me she quit her job to make her youtube channel a full time gig.

She is absolutely lovable.

She found wild green onions at a park to make Korean Green Onion Pancakes!!  It's true, "those aren't groceries!! That's food from our BACKYARD!!"  (Asians can't fend for themselves.)

I also found Pailin who is a culinary student from SF who has a show for Thai food.  Cute and sister-like.

Once again, food from our backyard!

My grandma used to grow squash and make her own chili paste from our backyard.  It made me want to find a lovable Vietnamese cooking guru, but so far I've only found these dude-bros. TrancanCook.  "Sup dude, ready to get our grub on?" "YEAH MAN."   Though I love the effort, I'm looking for a Vietnamese mom/grandma like Maangchi.


But all I was able to find aret cooking shows IN Vietnamese and this Mom wearing a ridiculous apron.

Cute and motherly, but still not completely there because it's all in Vietnamese!


Someone get a cute close to English speaking Vietnamese mom on youtube STAT!  And youtube needs to update their browsing feature so that we can search by "style."


Anonymous said...

I like this girl, but she's young, not motherly. this is her bun bo hue video but her other vids are funny and good too lol

letopho said...

@Anon OMG! I have been inspired to try to make this!