Thursday, April 7, 2011


OMG!!! I've been complaining about this shit for MONTHS!

Especially in LA.  Thank the LORD I thought I was alone!!!!!!
He hit every point in my hatred disdain aborantment of this terrible terrible music that is superseding real music that is danceable.

I think I've written 30 entries complaining about this.


mich said...


Anonymous said...

r&b on the radio right now is not real music

P. said...

bottom line: asian boys can't dance to house music.

fm. said...

Well Chris, this is Cameron btw. Im a house dancer, and it is a REAL culture and a real dance style thats been around for more than 20 years. What you and this video are refering to are more dance pop not actual house. Actual house if you prefer me to educate your eyes is a lot different not just popular songs made backed by premade tracks, and jersey shore hard house/electro which he was playing all video.

Case and point, dont hate what you dont know, and neither should he. Because i will GLADLY educate your ears with much more melodic and soulful representations of what house music REALLY is.

ps. Its been a while my friend, howve you been?
: D

letopho said...

@mich I knew you would like that

@Anony I agree. r&b passed away

@P I disagree, Asian boys love house music and dance pretty well to it all the time

@fm SCHOOL ME! Maybe I should change my rants to - I hate DANCE POP REMIXES!!! I've been good Cameron! AIM me sometime... and send me a sick house track.