Monday, April 4, 2011

Short Films, Quick Encounters

Our film maker friend Andrew invited us to Fusion - Outfest's LGBT People of Color Film festival at the Egyptian Theatre on March 5.

Watching Gay Films was a part of my to-do list.  Actually watching Gay theatre was on the list, but close enough.  And all these films were less than 15 minutes long.  Perfect for my attention span.

Below is the program that I took from the website.   I was only able to find STOP IT on youtube.  I believe the rest are in the works to being published (?)


A hilarious spoof on intervention programs kicks off a cinematic journey through the twists and turns of being in the family. From taking a stand despite resistance of disapproving kin and friends, to uncomfortable love triangulations, to youthful experimentation, it's the Fusion Shorts Program – all with a dash of lipstick and sequins to make it sparkle.

Dir: Mike Rose
A spoof on intervention reality shows that features a woman, who compulsively cooks to the dismay of her family who just wants her to Stop It!
Dir: Abdi Nazemian
A coming-of-age story about Jack, a 16-year old Iranian boy growing up in 1989 Los Angeles.
Dir: Laurie Thomas
The unspoken dance of a love triangle unfolds in the time it takes to sing this song.
ANDY Andy 
Dir: Andrew Ahn
A six-year old boy discovers what it means to be a man.
Dir: Hector Ceballos
Fidelia must find a way to honor what would have been her friend’s wishes before it is too late.
Dir: Neelu Bhuman
Accentuated by voices of family members, this short film is an honest portrayal of the experience of bisexuality.
Dir: Christina Choe
Bobby, a Korean-American teenage outcast, is working at his parents’ dry cleaners on prom weekend. When the prom queen and her boyfriend, stop by with their dress and tuxedo, Bobby has his own prom to remember.
Dir: Melissa Osborne & Jeff McCutcheon
A gay African-American teenager grapples with his young identity on the night Obama was elected president and Proposition 8 passed.

They had a Q&A session after:

Andrew explained that the focus of his film was on the paranoia stemming from the father's character.  It's a commentary on Korean specific parental behaviors.

I was quite proud to be friends with the director.

My favorite though has to be "The Queen." Here is a teaser.  It was absurdly entertaining.
We tried to get a group picture in front of this Outfest backdrop, but then realized it was for the directors.  Oops.  Slowly backed away embarrassed as people tried to shoo away the large group of Asians trying to take pictures in front of seemingly interesting things.

There were a ton of folks there to support Andrew!  I was hoping to get a shot of everyone, but it was too difficult.

Jimmy, Tommy and I snuck away to get a little Thai dinner and found ourselves at Hollywood Thai.


Meet Tommy.
Our fabulous friend that Jimmy knew through Xanga (I know right?)  Ever since he got that perm he's been getting hit on (aggressively).

Tommy: Chris, that guy is checking me out
Letopho: Uh huh

Moments later the waitress in poor English says, "The guy want you buy drink for him." She pointed to the guy that Tommy was referring to.

What she meant was that the guy wanted to buy a drink for Tommy, but we looked confused.  She tried again, but this time started to bashfully laugh. Thai accent continued, "he's.... the gay... " *chuckle* "he comes here all time, don't worry."

Tommy looked at us, "WHAT DO I DO!? OMG" While the guy kept looking at Tommy.  Like, stared at Tommy.

Tommy accepted the offer and ordered a drink.  Then started pondering if he should return it.  I advised him, "if it doesn't feel right... but whatever."  Okay, not really advise.

Tommy seemed to have resolved his dilemma, walked to the guy and politely declined the drink.  The guy reassured him that there was no pretense, but Tommy declined anyway. Moments later Tommy looks at us and goes, "i want to give him my number."

Tommy wrote his number on a napkin and handed it to the waitress to give to the guy in the red shirt.  We watched her as she headed to his table and hands the napkin... TO THE WRONG GUY.  EVERYONE screams as if we just witnessed a murder.  Tables around us looked in our direction.

Fast forward - Tommy ended up on the karaoke stage of the restaurant and did some "Thai dancing" with the guy.  And by Thai dancing I mean undulating your fingers like you're double jointed.   The guy the napkin was handed to dismissed the note and Red Shirt took a taxi to WeHo after we finished dinner to hang out with Tommy for the rest of the night. 


At 4AM I get a facebook message from Tommy saying that Red Shirt had stolen his iPhone.  All that flirting just to get an iPhone?  At 4PM the next day I get a text from Tommy saying, "the phone was under my car seat."


After being absurdly entertained, we rejoined the group to wish Andrew a happy birthday and celebrate his short film.

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