Monday, April 25, 2011

What Makes Me Happy

Once again, I have to remind myself what makes me happy.

Swimming.  I have purposely parked on the wrong side of the street so that I need to wake up and move my car- then go swimming in order to avoid a $70 ticket.  I had a beach day and kept my shirt on... WTF  I'm weighing the most I've ever weighed. And though you don't see it in my face/limbs, I'm becoming very center heavy.  If you know what I'm sayin'.  Eating well ("well" as in delicious NOT healthy) is catching up to me.

Waking up early on Weekends. This weekend I slept in.  I realized that I was wasting the morning when my friends were awake before me.  This never happens!  During my snooze, I had uneasy conflicting dreams.  At that point I realized that I was sleeping in more because I am avoiding the struggles of my reality by staying in bed.  But symbolically, those issues reappear in my unconscious state resulting in feeling more uncomfortable rather than feeling well rested.  Must rise early on the weekends and must resolve everything instead of burying it.

Keeping Organized.  I depended on my Moleskine to keep me organized, but as my work to-do list override my personal to-do, I have forgotten plans that I've made and have essentially accomplished less than what I wanted on a personal level.  This happened when I lost my planner last year and instead of replacing it, I just wallowed.  I've forgotten how use the tools that has allowed me to be so productive!

Beach Day - Kept my shirt on.

But of course... a vacation.

This New York trip May 5 - May 10 will rejuvenate me, make me appreciate everything, and re-energize my jaded state of mind/body.  Looking forward to this, even though I have nothing specific planned aside from walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and catching up with an old coworker that moved away.


thwany said...

have fun in nyc.

mich said...

thumbs up to stepping back and realigning yourself with your big picture goals. i know i need to do the same.