Monday, April 25, 2011

Erik Ruins First Fridays at USC

The first Friday of every month, USC's National History Museum has DJs and live bands.  Very original huh?   We were prepared to have a great educational time, but Erik decides to ruin everything:

Here we are getting our learn on in the mammal section.

Over it.

This was an epic dino costume.  The movements were very convincing.  It had me chased down the halls.

Dance time!

Here I would like to also ruin pictures, look at minerals, jump and ask you to cough into my hand.  One more time please.

Oh and here is Erik, ruining more moments.  Nice one.

Non stop
This is what I think of your nonsense

OO.  The bug room.  Ewwwwwwwwww

On to my favorite section of the museum!!!  Hands on toyssss.. Weeee

Bear Hug
We are pro-fur

We so Honay!

We sort of molested this brass turtle.


OOO, the ocean

Good Job Erik, you survived the second half without ruining any more moments.

Spoke to soon.  We need to leave now.


Cafe Mak

Like hanging out in your living room and having coffee, except paying for it.

This guy came to our table.

"Excuse me, I think I left my keys here."  The gentleman was a stout Korean middle aged man who looked stressed because it was around midnight and he couldn't find his keys
"Are these your keys?!" Ern blurted.
"what? where?"  The man looked over to Ern's seat.
"Oh Just kidding."
"Oh... April Fools? heh."  He chuckled awkwardly and left.  Though it sounded more like whimpering.

Good one Ern.
We're not welcome back at either venues.


P. said...

This photo set ruins my Erik fantasy!!!

Erik - you're out of my hot boy list.

P. said...

And this one

ummm... can't even put a word on this.

really Erik - why you are ruining my fantasy!