Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attempt to get your Good Catholic Certificate

My mom texted me since I haven't called her in a while to say that she loves me.

I called her on my ride home from work, but Dad picked up instead.  We made small talk.

Dad: Did you go to church on Easter?
Letopho: Nope
Dad: why not?
Letopho: Because I didn't want to
Dad: you should try to go to church, you don't have to attend the mass, just walk in for a couple of minutes.

I thought to myself how sad this was.  "Just walk in. You don't have to attend mass."  I feel like my dad is trying as much as possible to get my body in a religious facility so that he can get the credit from Jesus and get his Good Catholic certificate to graduate into heaven.  We had a similar conversation last Easter. Sorry dad.

I'm going to blame my A.D.D. on this. Church is like driving.  I pray that I was already at my destination during the entire processes.

I proceeded to tell him that there are 5 churches on my street and one new one that just erected:

"The  $7.6 million chapel replaced the existing church on the same site in the southern edge of Echo Park."  According to The Eastsider.

Jimmy and I got a little tour when they had their little welcoming.  They told us about a youth program that is target towards the age range of "18 to unmarried."

Utterly brilliant.

Huge church.  Huge "Baptism Pool" - I guess if I ever want a dip in holy water

Ern told me that this church chain(?)  Church of Christ is notorious for being anti-gay.   Man, I don't know what better way to spend my Sunday - Eggs Benedict (thanks Ryan) or taking a stroll backwards from progression.

Yes yes.  Not all Catholic/Christian churches are like this, but I'd like to generalize so that I can focus my worship on Fierce Leotard Dance and Sunday Brunch. Hallelujah!

I hope this tour counts towards my dad's Catholic credit.


thwany said...

your dad is awesome.

Jim said...

Sounds like you are in the Construct A Church A Day zipcode

I think they meant to describe the target audience for the youth program as "18 till straight"...