Sunday, May 18, 2008

Forbidden Fruit

I haven't seen Smyr in a long ass time.

Smyr is my one straight guy friend. I am one of his millions of gay friends. But I get first priority because I've known him the longest.

We hung out in Little Saigon and caught up. We talked about shiesty behavior as it seemed to be the theme of the season. We talked about nothing and everything until we ended up downtown to meet with Mony, gay friends... and A GIRL! Athena! YES!

A Girl: is our ticket to having fun at straight clubs. Granted we have to share her, but it's always a good time with a girl in downtown San Jose. Plus, Athena is awesomely fun! I love her! MoAny knew that so he brought her along! Nice

We got an AMF, a sake cocktail at a sake bar, a mojito, a hazel nut drink, i shared another AMF. Somehow my $50 cash back disappeared and my credit card felt warm. We went in search of a dance floor. But even Mission Ale failed us (especially now that there is a 3 dollar cover. FACK that SHIT) the music was great, but NO ONE was dancing. BAH.

I noticed that all the hot girls were in the street, but all the... *cough* gross ones were at the bars we were hitting. WTF mate. .. and we just ended up at Hunters. Walking there I noticed a hotdog stand. Like the one outside dragon, but ironically this one was cleaner. I asked them when they closed shop, they said 2am. Good, I may crave one later.

Smyr seemed to have a good time. I feel bad cuz he always ends up doing something Gay when he hangs with me, he was a good sport even though his ass got pinched 5 times. HAHAHAHAH! And Mony had his fuck-me face turned on. The DJ was compromising the hip hop and electronic dance music and played an interesting dance version of Low. it was doable.

I spotted Joe who was on a "date," so I did was a good friend is supposed to do: I snuck up behind him and kissed him on the neck and poked his sides. He totally freaked out and didn't know it was me, I laugh.

Mony was talking to this cute boy and I interjected to say hi. He was my size, cute smile, short hair, cute Hawaiian accent. The guy whispered in my ear, "You're CUTE!" And smiled. He was from Hawaii, he was on a business trip... he told us that his job was a secret. He left and I followed him outside. Through the gates I asked him for his phone and punched in my number. "You're not sober." I wasn't. He smiled his gorgeous smile.

I headed back to the group until the music died down. I got a text message from him, "you are cute :o)." I was really flattered. I've never been hit on like that before. My group walked outside and by the hotdog stand was the boy eating an apple.

My friends kept walking, I started to make conversation. I asked him where he got the apple from and he said he was carrying it this entire time. He got up and we walked together until we reach a corner and he headed left. I didn't follow him because I was going to LaVics with my friends. He came back to me leaned in and kissed me very sensually. VERY sensually. VERY VERY VERY. And told me that he had an apple for me in his hotel room. It was one of the best kisses I have ever received. Ever. It was wasn't a peck, it wasn't a make out... it was one of those in betweens. His lips were perfect.

I caught up to my friends and told them what happened. The boy gave me a call. "Are you coming over?" He was playful, adorable... I was in ecstasy. I told him I would AFTER I get a quesidella. He gave me his room number.

Oh shit, i gotta go, I'm going to the Art Festival with Eric. More soon.
Part II

After thinking about it for two seconds, I decided to go to the hotel room and figure the how-do-I-get-home part after. I said good bye and ThE said "you're going to meet up with him!?! Wear a condom!" He said this four times.... when I actually started to walk away he said, "fine, be a stereotype!!" He genuinely disapproved. I didn't care about MY morals at the time. I had hot a boy waiting for me. Smyr patted me on my back, "we're just kidding, go have fun!"

I jogged to the Marriot, thinking about what ThE said, am I a stereotype? Why was this boy so alluring? I shoved my proclaimed morals aside. I got a text message from Smyr, "HIT THAT SHIT," I was thankful Smyr was there that night to be a "guy friend." I made it to his floor and and knocked on his door. He opened it and with his cute Hawaiian smile stands there .... shirtless. Well, I guess that's how Hawaiian boys do it: they START off shirtless. He was thin and confident.
"why are you so cute?" he said to me... with his slight Hawaiian accent.
"No.. YOU are cute"
"No, you are drunk..."
"Yes, but you are still cute" I was not doing a good job at playing it cool.
"Is this for me?" There was an apple neatly placed next his watch and wallet. He nodded his head and I started to eat it.

We made conversation, and kiss.
"You're a good kisser"
"You are too" He really was... I haven't kissed like that in so long. No mess... just kisses. No tongue... just lips.
"I'm going back to Hawaii tomorrow." That didn't concern me at that moment. I continued to caress his shirtless chest, self conscious about my own nasty fat body.
"How old are you?"
"Perfect... i'm 23... so what do you do that SO secret... are you a cop?" I was hoping he had handcuffs.
"Actually, I'm a flight attendant and I'm going to Honolulu tomorrow."
"That's cool. I was in Hawaii ... Are you from Hilo? It always rains there!"
"Yes!" The fact that I knew something Hawaii made him really excited. His cuteness grew with everything he said.

"You could be Hawaiian" he told me... I was reminded of how much I enjoyed being mistaken for being Hawaiian. I straddled him.
"Oh you Cali boys... so easy." He could be telling yo'mama jokes, he would still be so cute. And nothing he could say could stop me from wanting to kiss him all night until he asked...
"So is MoAny your bf? You guys would make a cute couple."
"No... we are good you have a boyfriend?"
"Since how long?"
"Since December."
"Does he know you do this?"
"" he didn't look like he felt guilty AT ALL... his cute smile became goofy. He was sober, I was drunk.

I got up off him, grabbed my wallet, my phone and got back on top of him.

"Then I should go." I kissed his no so perfect big island lips one last time. .. got off the bed, looked back at him for a little bit smiled and left... his temping offer began to rot. (yes, I was a bit melodramatic)

Outside the hotel, I called Smyr. They just finished LaVics and he picked me up near the hotel. I was in a situation too familiar, except now instead of being an outsider looking in I was in someone else's shoes. I was impressed with my drunken self, I held true to what I believe in. Smyr drove me home.

Perfect timing. Perfect Everything.

The next day he apologized for being disrespectful, I told him not to hurt people he loved. I don't feel regretful about anything... after all I got a long awaited hot kiss and a free apple to match my shirt.


Tofu said...

lol forbidden fruit!!! the title is hilar!!!

sandy said...

hit that shit!