Wednesday, May 21, 2008


As of late, after the gym I compensate the calories I just burned off by going to..

1. In-N-Out Burger to get animal style fries (fries with a slice of cheese, onions, thousand island)
2. BJ's Brewery to get a pizookie (baked cookie with ice cream)
3. Taco Bell to get anything on the dollar menu! HOLLA!

..right after.

You may shake your head, but I think I deserve it. Today was awesome though. I felt very manly doing free weights with my boy Smyr. And as I stand here shirtless after a shower in front of the mirror, I think to myself how I'm not as self conscious walking around shirtless or dancing shirtless at a bar.

During the queer conference a couple of weeks ago, I was asked how I affirmed my ability. My peers answered eclectically: "going to the gym," "taking hip hop class," "swimming."

Being physically capable is a privilege... being free from illness is a privilege. I'm very healthy despite all the cheese I consume. I rarely get sick and all the pain and suffering I've had to deal with ONLY involves allergies.

But I've always felt that there MUST be something wrong with me. But for now, I consider myself a lucky bastard. You never know when your body could fail you. And when it does, most of the time your health depends on what your doctor can do for you, but what if... it depends on others?

Please support Project Michelle. She needs to find a Bone Marrow Match by June 21st. It really doesn't hurt to be registered OR to donate. Please educate yourself.

I have been focusing on a couple of drives and helping my cousin, but through my blog I am going to suppress and talk about something that doesn't hurt so much.

I'm rocking this awesome new FAUX HAWK! I'll take pictures, but I currently miss placed my camera. OMG! Today, I went to SuperCuts as per Joe's suggestion. He gets his stylish Faux Hawk at supercuts and basic cuts at a 7 dollar Vietnamese place on East side. When i walked in, the lady had a thick Vietnamese accent. Great, not again. I asked her firmly. "Have you cut a mohawk before?" She confidently said, "OF course!" She was pleasant, I obliged to stay. As I made conversation in my bad Vietnamese I discovered that I knew her niece who went to Berkeley.

Anyway, she gave me an awesome do that's pretty subtle.

Come to the drive this Friday and you'll see it!

Berkeley Drive:
Friday, May 23, 2008, 11:00am - 2:00pm
Kroeber Fountain- midway between Sproul and Haas
Street: Intersection of Bancroft and College

San Francisco Drive:
San Jose Drive:


Stanza said...

...all the pain and suffering I've had to deal with ONLY involves allergies

yeah f#$king A, welcome to my world !

dannie said...

i like your new hair!!
sorry i won't be able to make it to the drive on friday.