Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't Ask. Don't Tell. Save a Life.

After reading Huy's comment regarding restrictions on donating blood vs. donating bone marrow/stem cells, I realized that I needed to educate myself before I make such outlandish accusations to society.

I called the Asian American Donor Program (AADP) at 510-568-3700 and asked them what the policy is on gay donors. The pleasant lady informed me that when asked sexuality questions I can choose to "defer" my answers. She also continued to say that there have been many gay donors.

So... the "loop hole" so to speak is NOT to lie, but rather defer the question all together. I have that choice. She clarified, like Huy clarified, that there are different policies for donating blood and donating bone marrow/stem cells, especially with its urgency.

Well then. I registered and my home test kit is being sent tomorrow. And you should too my gay gay gay gay readers.

Save a life with your gay bone marrow. Please.

Driving to work I day dreamed of being back at Berkeley among my peers on Sproul during Noon. I imagined myself wearing a giant sign: SAVE A LIFE and yelling through a megaphone:

I would do cartwheels and flyer everyone on campus. Email all the listservs that I belong to. Post flyers in Dwinelle, Wheeler, the dorms, the FRATs and replace them the second they get torn down. And educate people... on why registering is SO important.

And at the same time, I wonder what type of person I am because I say I want to do these great things for people I love... but ONLY when I'm asked to. ONLY when I am in a situation where it is necessary that I take action otherwise, my heart will suffer. What type of person am I?

And I understand people, who don't donate. Who recycle (I hope RECYCLE) my flyer because registering is NOT important to them because... it doesn't affect them. Because the people that they love are NOT on the clock. I understand you... because I am you. But please be better than me. Please consider registering. Please consider caring about strangers.


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