Friday, May 2, 2008

TGIF Indeed

I had very good week.

I submitted my resume to some companies thanks to the help of my cousins who made me realize that I have a lot to learn.

I sold a service contract worth 25K. Yes!

Organized all the blogs I read using

And... Shrugs.

I had this convo with Joe over GCHAT:

Joe: im still amazed that you are not out with your family
me: im very straight acting contrary to your belief
Joe: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me: horrible

Joe: oh chris. out of all of are the most comfortable with yourself.
me: please
Joe: and i admire that a lot. NO you are
me: how do I seem most comfortable?

Joe: you fart, burp, wear whatever whenever, talk about anything anywhere.... you're crazy open-minded.

me: that's disgusting I'm disgusting!!

Joe: and thats why i like talking to you about personal stuff
me: aww
Joe: because not enough bugs you

me: a lot of things bug me!
Joe: but not about yourself

Joe: so anyway thats what surprises me because my parents do
know about me, but im surprised you havent and you talk to your
parents a lot more than i do

Heh. I never really thought about.
But I really don't think I'm that comfortable with myself.

Regarding my family. Everyone knows except my dad, sort of. I wrote about it here.

I know my dad knows. But maybe it makes him happy to have hope and coming out and confirming that I am queer will crush all the dreams he had for me: getting married, having kids, passing on the lineage, being a perfect puzzle piece of
society. So I stay silent so that he can pretend that I just haven't found the
right girl...

I stay silent so that he doesn't have to cry because I'm not
the perfect son that I wish I was...

This weekend is already PPS. There are no plans and I don't feel like making any. What I want to do is go shopping, replace outdated clothes with new. And spend some time on my April recap. BTW. Does anyone want to dress me?


dannie said...

nay, i don't want to dress you =P

thats a sweet story you wrote about the coming out thing. even though you didn't really come out. At least you have one parent who is accepting of it, or even tries to.

All this time....i thought you were out haha.

sandy said...

how do you think your life would change if you were open to everyone?