Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Visiting College One Last Time

This passed Friday, I attended the NSU Banquet. I almost killed a pedestrian and ran a red light driving there with a couple of NSU folks squished in my truck. I got a phone call, "are you here yet?!" I responded, "I'm on my way, am I the last one?!" "..yeah" Great. So fyi, Japanese American time is actually 10minutes early with cookies or rice crackers. (As opposed to Vietnamese of Pilipino time which is 1 hour late). GAH Embarrassing. But I got there just in time for the dinner.

The banquet was at Pyramids and I was assigned to sit with other gay kids assuming I would get along with them. Ironically, I had nothing to say to them and frankly I was tired of hearing "creepy post grad returning to prey on underclassmen" -jokes. Haha, funny. Not really. I wish I got to sit next to NSU kids that I've known for years so that I could catch up. But, no matter, I used my legs to move around. I was surprise to learn that Miwa was running banquet again for the 3rd year in a row! I guess, she's just that good. Like Huan and culture show... me and publicity? ;)

It was sad because I was the only alum. Everyone had moved on... or rather moved across the pacific to Japan to teach English. I felt really old when only I knew the answer to the trivia question: What was the name of the First Culture Show. Everyone looked around with an curious expression.

"Generations!! Damn I AM old!" I shouted with a few chuckles here and there from the other kids.

What I love about NSU is respect and acknowledgement. Everyone who attends banquet gets a gift, all the Seniors get a gift and new and old core etc. It's important to recognize people. And Miwa pointed that out. Respect. That's right girl.

At the end of the dinner I was getting anxious because there wasn't a group picture. I was pulling my hair out because group pictures, to me, 'seal the deal.' But luckily the new historian with his SLR organized a group shot outside the building. Saved!

Miwa made an announcement, "If you're 21, we are going to a bar..." 10 minutes later someone else made an announcement, "If you're NOT 21, let's HANG OUT!" This made me very happy! The youngin's are taking care of themselves while the older kids can go out. As it should be. Brilliant.

At the Bar I bought two rounds of drinks and a large plate of nachos. I flirted with the guy making the nachos and he spilled a bucked of salsa on the floor. Oops. JV said I had the BIGGEST smile on my face and that there was this positive aura surrounding me when I brought the plate of nachos back to the table. Well of course, I love nachos... and I love NSU.

Maressa, came in and I exploded with excitement. We got tequila and lick the salt off each other's arms. This girl, knows good fun. I love it. I remembered her parties. Especially Halloween when she was dressed as a cowgirl holding two handles of liquor, "who wants a shot?" I heart Maressa.

Buzzed, we all stumbled to see what the new generation was up to. As we walked the streets of Berkeley, I poked a guy walking passed me. "Why'd you touch me, BIIiIIITCH!?" Omg. I forgot facebook poking and real life poking was very very very different. I walked a little faster laughing at how angry he was. Why must people get so angry? Gosh. When we finally got there, to my surprise the underaged ones were as drunk, if not more drunk than we were. "SHHHHH!" Everyone shouted. I met a couple of the new core and I am beyond excited for the new year! For NSU! YES!

I stumbled upon a conversation, "I just think girl parts are more attractive, you know the roundness... sensual etc.!" This conversation sounded too familiar, I jumped in. "OH yeah! So you prefer curves over sharp angles!?" The guy goes, "RIGHT ON!" And gives me a high five.. as if I was agreeing with him. Hah.

I crashed at Kevin's place and bounced early in the morning, quickly returning to current chapter of my life that I had been living for the passed year.

I remembered that the difference between VSA and NSU for me was that I was in NSU for 3 years. I was a leader for a good portion of that time and I had devoted a lot of my time defining the club. VSA, I was only a part of for a semester. And from the get go... I felt distant from VSA even though I am ethnically connected. Also, the week before at the VSA banquet or rather Berkeley in general, I was looking for something that I shouldn't have been. My life is here right now. In this office... counting weekends. Sigh.

It makes me happy to see old faces that I defined my undergrad with... share a drink to celebrate good times... just to raise a glass to remembering college for a night and returning home where I belonged. Love it.


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Jeff Wu said...

Glad to know you had fun! Wish I was there too.