Monday, May 5, 2008

Blame it on the Season

I called Joe up on my drive home and he said...

"I read your blog.... YOU'RE LONELY!??!?! WTF!?!??!"

Haha, well, yeah, that's how I felt the day before.. I was just in a mood. But I snapped out of it. Joe says that he hates spring because everyone acts all crazy and Emo. I'd have to agree.

I was jealous of Joe and Zto though, they spent their Saturday in the Castro at Club Papi. Joe told me that the gay club was EVERYTHING you'd expect in a "gay club," hot Latino bodies, go go dancers, groping, drunkness. Sex SEX SEX lining the floors and walls and of course Kat Deluna on stage singing Whine Up 4 times, once in Spanish. HAHA, that's where I belonged; that's my community post college. LOL. Who needs a mentor when you have tequila?

There were some other explicit details, but I'll save it until I get to experience gay clubbing that's NOT Dragon or 18+.

1 comment:

dannie said...

yes!! it's spring season and because school is ending soon.

you really should go to the castro, it's fun, way better then dragon =P (sometimes)