Monday, November 1, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?!?

The hardest piece was that freaking tubing from Home Depot.  But the suits came together with pieces from around the house.  Jumpsuits?  We just had them laying around.  Safety pin the Ghostbuster logo and we are good to go! Thank you work printer. Total cost of costume: $5 total for all 4. 

Brilliantly we took the bus.  Dun dun dun with our good friends, Chilean miner and peter pan:

The house party was in a duplex and I walked into the wrong one with the busters following me.
"Are you coming in?" The girl looked at me confused.
"Wrong house."  
I backed out in complete embarrassment


Aww Tiggah and Pooh Celebrate 9 years
That Hawaiian tattoo was drawn in with a sharpie!

Ninja Turtles vs. Ghostbusters

So many shinanegans in the street!  We ran around zapping ghosts.  I rolled on the floor aiming my cardboard gun and the ghosts would start screaming and melting.

LOL.  We took lots of pictures with random people, wonder if those pics are floating online somewhere.

Bus ride home was stress-free, funny thing is no one else thought to ride the bus so it was empty when we got on.

Photos c/o Chung King Expressions


P. said...

Tiggah and Pooh are so cute. This is what you miss with your fear of commitment.

thwany said...


ernasty said...

shut the fuck up, P.

Luuworld said...

love the ghostbusters costumes!

thetubelightclicks said...

Ghostbusters Costume FTW!!