Sunday, November 21, 2010

American Music Awards

Work got me tickets to the American Music Awards in downtown LA. Woo Hoo.

I'm not really into concerts, but this was cool because I got to see a bunch of artist perform like Usher, NKOTBSB and Black Eyed Peas and famous people read terrible jokes off the teleprompter.

It was cool to see an awards show live, but I was pretty far from seeing any celebs that I might as well have watched it on TV in the background while I did the dishes.

My coworker was shouting "BOO" at Justin Bieber all night. LOL. But I like that Constant Craving song... hmm wait, wrong lesbian.

View from my seat. Is that Taylor? Beyonceeee what up girl!? Usher, can I borrow your shades?

Rihanna in a Tree
Blurry group photo because I was still in night mode.

Just Jared has some pretty good pictures/videos of the night.

It is interesting to see how singers perform live. Oh poor Katy Perry that was heinous:

You should have just shot fireworks from your boobs, that's all we want really.

If you haven't seen her Fireworks music video, it's pretty epic. Love fireworks coming out of the fat chick from the pool and the lady giving birth like her baby was on fire. The gay kiss was pretty hot... too hot for Britain apparently.

I think fireworks appear when I kiss at clubs. Except when I kiss in clubs like this, I get a dirty look or a cold sore.

Speaking of gay, I never liked Teenage Dream until I heard the glee version

WHOA there Asian Guy. That's like 4 packets of uncooked ramen I could shove in there.
And more speaking of gay I fell to the floor laughing at this scene of the Substitute episode of GLEE:
"Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay"
"I open my mouth and a little purse falls out!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Amazing. I've decided that all the writers of Glee are gay.


thwany said...


Gauss Jordan said...

1. Gay kiss in fireworks? Had no idea. :-)

2. That high school from Glee was exactly like my high school, except we only wore the blazers on Friday, and had no progressive zero tolerance policy. :-(

3. I think I've done the "gay gay gay, gay gay GAY gay" thing to a buddy. I came out, and over that same summer three more of his close friends came out to him, lol.

Alex C. said...

That must have been such a great experience!