Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh HI San Jose - Chinese Food and Grindr

"Christopher, try not to eat Dim Sum too much. It comes from China. China is dirty."

My parents are convinced that all things Chinese will kill you. "I watched a documentary where the Chinese workers would use their teeth to bite off chicken feet then ship it to the US." My mom expressed genuine concern.

My parents continued, "you don't know the chemicals they put in China, there is no regulation."

I tried to argue that American fast food has just as much chemicals that are bad for you.

"But American food has to be passed by FDA, you know know what they do to those Chinese products before they ship it over."

But of course, Vietnamese food is another story. Here's my mom enjoying Bun Bo Hue from Com Tam Thanh. Nom nom.

My parents' China paranoia is not gonna stop me from ordering my flaky taro balls. I love flaky taro balls.

Though Sam did take us to get Taiwanese breakfast in Alhambra on 11/7 which involves Chinese donuts and some sandwich things... I can't really explain. The place was a grade C and I insisted on trying it anyway. OH man my body hated me... Jimmy explained what it means to get a grade C after we had already ordered. WHY DIDNT YOU SAY ANYTHING?!?!?! It's like saying there's no air on Mars AFTER you stepped off the ship.

We also experienced some Chinese customer service when Sam asked the waitress if there were any more plates coming out. In Chinese she responds, "I don't know! You tell me!" Or something. Sam was unprepared, but it felt like we were having some authentic Chinese food.

Man I had such the shits. I had keys in my hand and almost knocked over Ern when I shoved the front door open while grasping my ass cheeks heading to the bathroom. My body wanted that food out!!!! Sam apologized profusely. I thought it was a good experience.

Silver Gold Amazing wasn't the place we ate at, but just wanted to share.

Maybe I should listen to my parents.


After Viet food today I had an adventure at Walmart with the folks.

While my mom finds a good concealers for dad's skin, I hop on Grindr where I'm buzzed by some random folks... who I find very attractive.

I found my self esteem sky rocketing.

But probably because I'm just a new face on their module. Like a new zebra in a safari full of lions.

Check out this stud:
This is how our conversation went:

David: Swimmer?
Me: Santa Claus?
David: I have some gifts for you

Man, I just keep bringing them hotties in.

I also run into these Asians that are only attracted to white guys. I like to question why.

I guess it's just about preference, but I still find it interesting when folks don't find their own ethnicity attractive. What do they see in the mirror? Do they wish they were something else because what they see isn't what they define at attractive?

It definitely is a limitation, but also a question of what you think about your identity if you don't include yourself in what you feel is worthy of being dateable/fuckable/whateverable.

Tonight is the Castro for MoAny's bday and I pulled out some dollahs for a nice evening. Woo Hoo Blackbird.

I wanted to keep it simple and didn't arrange my time to see anyone, but my family and MoAny/AnHimals for their birthday and Aaron because he's across the street from me, I mean... my best friend from HS.. So I didn't tell anyone I'd be in the bay.

I'm a really considerate person.

Another time. Please don't hate me.

Speaking of Text messages check out Great time killer.


the immigayrant said...


How do you get Grindr snapshots?


letopho said...

@the immigayrant I just screenshot my iPhone. :]

Hish said...

Wait a minute, I was in the Castro area early tonight!!! Left kinda early though, too tired. I wish I'd seen you so I could be the creepy person who walks up to you and says something about you that no random stranger would typically know :/

Luuworld said...

haha! go for santa. i'm sure you'll get lots of presents!

P. said...

I love Com Tam Thanh! Although I prefer the Milpitas location since it's a little cleaner. Their Bun Bo Hue is ok but still can't beat An Nam.

The Story Rd location is a little scary during night time - I once dined next to a Vietnamese gang.

While we are talking about Vietnamese food, you should try this place - they make a kick-ass banh cuon

letopho said...

@Hish YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID HI! I was so drunk anyway.

@P. Yes! I should check that out next time I'm there! Thanks <3