Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpk Day

Halloween crept on me and no one seems to be ready.  The office had no spirit, no industry party and I don't have a costume until Ern thought of using his work jumpsuits to be Chilean Minors / Ghostbusters.

October 27
As I mentioned earlier, I needed to throw an event for my sanity sake.  And behold!  A pumpkin carving evening complete with treats and a scary movie playing the background.

CVS had small pumpkins for $1.50 hell yeah!  That evening we took the virginity of a couple of pumpkin carving noobs.

I did the 321 one, but you can only see 21.
I did the 321 one, but you can only see 21.

Tiki lights from Hawaiian party reused

Ern watching Day of Dead very intensely:

You know those people who talk at the movie?  YEAHHHHHHH.
At 1:10, Erns eyes get wide.  Commence full engagement,"fuck" he whispers.

 A transcription:

Oh shit!
Oh fuckk!
They're gonna.. leave her?  Oh shit!
Holy..ff..... bitch!
There kick, kick him!
OH! What's he doing?  HE's convulsing!
WHAT?  That was it??

Like she doesn't get any breaks.
Oh she's dead.  BYE.
Uh oh.
What they just left her?
Oh NOW now he helps her, now he fucking helps her.
Oh she's gonna..
Bite her ass, BITE HER ASS!

Holy Shit...

Oh he get bitten, he got bitten' THO
AH Shit, he got bitten
AHH Fuck, it's ova...


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P. said...

The Winner: The Stitch
Runner-up: Jack the Pumpkin King