Sunday, November 28, 2010

Most Expensive Purchase Ever

Probably would be more interesting if I posed like an import model

I survived 3 months in LA without a car, but I'm ready to reclaim my independence.

It's definitely possibly, but I was tired to depending on my friends.  I was done shivering waiting for a bus that would never come.  I was done being cheap and picky.  And I was done with slimy car dealers and shady private sellers.

I've been so frustrated with the situation that I just threw my cash at a whole seller and bought a sexy 2009 Toyota Corolla that was 2K above my budget.  It helped that the dude who sold it to me was really really cute.  He had a charming subtle Jerseyan accent and his smooth slick tongue sold me.   He sounded honest, but that's just a sign that he was a good car salesman.

He was smart, he knew I liked it,  played it cool.  Did NOT pressure me and left it as, "if you don't buy it someone else will."  And of course, I called back that fucker up after visiting one other dealership.

Wow,  a grown up car.  Not a toy jeep?  After realizing that I was basically risking my life if I purchased something for the mere image, I decided to be practical.  And I'm going to use this car to the ground.

Insurance upgrade: FULL COVERAGE

As I sit in my 321 home, I'm paranoid about the hoodlums that think it's hilarious to those bricks at shiny things. I WISH I HAD A GARAGE!  I'm terrified of scratches.  I'm dreading opening my door next to high curbs.  I'm putting post-its all over my dash board that read, "DRIVE SLOWER" and hanging my rosary on my review mirror.  The Catholic in me believes it was the reason I walked out of the accident only only an air bag burn and more swag in my walk.

Woo.  Now that I can check that off my list, I can concentrate on Christmas and planning a Ski trip.

I need to buy a Christmas tree for the house.  I want 321 to smell Christmas-y.  A truck would have been perfect to pick it up.... damn it.


thwany said...


take me for a ride when i come visit.

Luuworld said...

congrats! what a sexy car :)

P. said...

Didn't I say it back then that if you want something practical, get a Corolla.

I know you didn't pick it because of my comment but that didn't prevent me from bragging out :)

I hope you have money left to put into your IRA. It's almost the year-end and you can (and should) contribute up to $5000 a year.