Monday, November 8, 2010

Discovering Weekday Night Coffee Shops

Jimmy has been sweet enough to pick me up from work.  While in the neighborhood we've been checking out some random coffee shops and restaurants in K-Town.

Loft Cafe is located on a 6th and S. Oxford.  This charming place has high ceilings and tall mirrors.  They are known for serving Sweet Lady Jane desserts.

Jimmy and I spend a weekday evening on our laptops.  We chatted and enjoyed absurdly overpriced Korean coffee.  Nothing in Ktown seems to be less than two dollar symbol on Yelp, but it was worth the atmosphere.

I've discovered that spending time outside the house on weekdays makes me feel like I haven't wasted they day just working.

While driving around Ktown, I've noticed a lot of other places to eat.  I also noticed how absurdly large Ktown is.

Today Jimmy and I checked out Mak Cafe.  This place surprised me.  Most people there were studying and even though it was the perfect place to be on your laptop, there was a shortage of outlets.

Like Loft Cafe, Mak Cafe is open late- 1AM!! I casually logged onto my work email- nothing.  Then read some blogs.

I never thought that I would enjoy coffee shops so much.  I never thought that I wouldn't mind spending $5.50 (the price of Pho!) on coffee instead of just using the free wi-fi at my house.  I guess I like the feeling of accomplishing something and being out at a coffee shop, discovering new places gives me that sense.

I was also discovering a night life that I didn't know existed.  After work no longer means coming home and plopping your ass on the couch and dying.  I'm excited to find more even places where I can 1. enjoy conversation or 2. enjoy doing my home activities outside of home.

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mich said...

ahhh that's something i wish dc had more of!