Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Closing October

This is my, I haven't been blogging as much, face.  It's okay if you've stopped reading. I've become uninteresting. *fishes for compliments*  A couple of other things that happened in October.

October 8: Royal T

I was very fascinated at this table of white girls enjoying desserts and tea with soccer moms watching over them at an adjacent table.  I wonder at what age they would begin to reflect on their life and appreciate how effortless it was to be a child - getting everything they ever wanted at their finger tips...  or would they never realize this and grow up with a continued sense of entitlement?

October 16: Inland Empire Adventure

Well not really an adventure.  Just went to check out Carmax and I brought some friends who were in sales to get me a good price.  Apprently Carmax has a no negotiation policy.  One of the Jeeps they had had mold on the ceiling. which they reasoned to be "wear and tear."  The Jeep was terribly overpriced. Michael was so upset and told the dealer that they prey on the innocence. 

I found out the women who told us that she loves her job because she didn't have to deal with negotiations called in sick the next day when I tried to apologize for Michael's accusation.

Oh well.  Car shopping is fun.
Chicken time at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Nom nom.

October 24: A Hike

Another hike to catch up with Alysia in Pasadena.  I'm wearing one of MoAny's old shirts with some lame phrase.  "I've Got my Eye on You."  It's a pirate with an eye-patch. Har har.  No wonder he wanted to get rid of it.

October 30: Dia De Los Muertos

Checked out Ern's dance performance at the Hollywood Cemetery.  Hollywood Forever Cemetery was decked out.  Lots to see and performances all day. I should have gotten my face painted to participate.  These "personal altars" were so elaborate and colorful.  Last year Sandy was trying to create sugar skulls, but we didn't have all the ingredients.  Looks like she was able to do it in Portland! Very lovely.

We left the performance before seeing Ern eat it on stage.  The dew made the stage slippery.  *chuckle*


mich said...

my cousin was looking for a jetta awhile back, and there was blood on the roof of the ceiling. we were like, was there a drive-by in this car?! and they claimed it was wear and tear...

Anonymous said...

u look thinner and cuter

'd be even cuter with less of a tan

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this but you look yummy lately

thwany said...

you have beautiful brown eyes.