Sunday, October 30, 2011


I don't like driving.

Consequently, Jimmy ends up driving us all around town during our explorations.  In an attempt to find Korean beer glasses, we parked in ghetto part of Ktown (south of Wilshire) to check out Kim's Korean Household goods.  Jimmy parked on the street.

We didn't find the glasses and were told that those Korean beer glasses actually come straight from beer factories such as Hite or OB and are given to restaurants they do business with.  Looks like I have a new collection to start when going to these K-bars.

We went to get boba and when we returned to Jimmy's car we found this:

My heart sank.  Why?  It was noon on a Sunday on a main road.  Why would you do this?  After the initial outburst of frustration and aggravation, Jimmy lightened up.  "I guess this is like the Scarlet Letter... I'm a HOEEEEE!!!!!"

They also keyed the side.

Jimmy really controlled his anger, but remarked that he hopes that who ever did this dies in the most painful way possible.   Jimmy's car is already damaged due to a highway hit and run that almost killed him and his family and this added tag on his property really tops it off.  We were just thankful that this didn't happen on our street at home.  It would have made us feel unsafe.

I rushed to Target to get scratch remover.  I watched a handful of youtube videos on how to buff this out.  I also asked my car enthusiast friends about what we could do, but ultimately the scratch was too deep to completely remove.

It really upsets me.  Why people like this exist.  People who damage others' possessions for no reason, people who litter and then complain about how trashy the place look, vegetarians.  I really don't get the logic.

Steal because you're hungry, okay.  Stab that person in defense, I got it.  Eat tofu because there's no meat available anywhere in a 100 mile radius, go ahead.  But when there's absolutely no reason to behave in that way... why be such a moron?

The world would be a better place.

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