Tuesday, October 4, 2011

August 2011 - Recap

I'm over August... let's summarize this shiz.

August 12 - Beach House

It was cool to kick it at a beach house in Hermosa.  Sitting at the beach without being on the beach was actually pretty amazing.  People watching, drinking, eating, playing flip cup... summer is perfect. More pictures here.

August 12 - WeHo for the Last Time
Got into a huge fat fight with Jimmy this night.  Said FUCK this SHIT and took the bus home. People be crying, cussing, yelling.  Decided that I never want to be in this space because it's a breeding ground for drama.  But knowing my creative friends, I may be dragged again.  If this happens, I'm not drinking.  I'm designated driver.  And I'll do what I like doing which is taking a nap at Rage and complain the entire time about the music, the plastic and the prices... but not the parking because its not that bad... and when I say breeding ground for drama, I am aware that I am a contributor.

August  13 - Silver Lake
In Silverlake, you can find Lamill for over priced coffee and desserts (that cheesecake was $9), Yolk for over priced gifts, and Broome for over priced houseware.  But it's all so cute and hip!  In the center pic, you see me scanning the sku number for cheaper prices on Amazon.  (WHOOOPS.)  Thanks iPhone.  I recommend the ShopAdvisor app.

In Silver Lake you can also find cool things on the walls to take pictures next to.

August 18 - Haitian Food
Tigeorge's Chicken is right down the street!  And with a groupon we enjoyed amazing Haitian style chicken and appetizers.  I discovered a new type of spice that I couldn't handle.  MMMMM.  More cultures! More Groupons!

August 20 - Asian Foods
I initially thought that Ma Dang Sae had the best AYCE KBBQ for $10 because of the awesome sides and party atmosphere, but realized with Szeto's birthday that Hawng Jang was better!  I liked Ma Dang Sae because it felt like Final Destination in there.  You could see the gas piping running along the tables and the hot pan didn't seem very stable as it swayed side to side with every elbow that was placed on the table.  It was a down right fire hazard and the adrenaline that I got being there added to the experience.

Sam introduced me to "fresh ramen" you can buy at the grocery store for 3 bucks.  I gotta try it one day, but you have to eat it within two days :[.  We also checked out Santouka Ramen which was okay.  I really need the runny soft boiled egg man.

August 20 - Garage Sale

Speaking of APPs, I downloaded the GSALR app that maps out all the garage sales in my area using craigslist listings.  This is how we found this gold mine.  This Swedish lesbian was moving back to Europe and everything had to go!  She let people walk through her house.  This is where we found the couch, day bed and dressers.  But also in those two boxes are filled with design books that are worth at least $600 that we got for $20.  Included was years worth of Communication Arts and Print magazines.  CHA CHING for Jimmy.  This is when I missed my truck.  Could have snatched everything in one trip.  Had to go back and forth three times to fit everything in my Corolla, in Adult grey.

August 27 - World on Wheels
These chicas were already drunk when they rolled into the skating rink.  The birthday girl was a little tragic.  Watching her skate was painful - she looked like a Bambi on ice (not the skating show, but an actual deer on a frozen pond.)  She was all over the place.

Being the AZNs that they were they handled out tequila shots that the smuggled in using a backpack.  They gathered us for a cheers.  We tried to be discrete and I looked around nervously because I didn't want to get kicked out.  The birthday girl shouts, "CHEERS EVERYONE!!!!" And raises her glass in the middle of the circle.  After the initial shock, we all took our shots and scattered like ants.  And down to the rink we rolled.

Tommy decided not to come because I scared him out of it by saying that you had to go down a ramp to enter the rink.  I meant small incline, he pictured a half pipe.

The outfits weren't as colorful as a couple years back, but it was still a great time.
Of course Dab was artistic about this event.  Check out his version. I graced his blog!

August 30 - Mr.Black Blacklight Party

Hosting a blacklight party was on my to-do list, but Mr.Black beat me to it.  I raided the dollar store for glow-in-the-dark things and my only regret was not buying enough!

We got creative, but could not compete with the ladies from the first photo.  They were spectacular. This party saved me on having to buy all those black lights. That would have been costly.

And there you have it : August.  Though I am missing one event and that's my 6 month retreat to the Channel Island with Jimmy.  That gets its own entry.


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Anonymous said...

hi chris,
i follow ur blog from time to time since it's really interesting. you seem really social and outgoing so i thought it would be good to ask you.

i've only recently come out at age 24. i've never been to a gay club (or club period). is it typical for most gay clubs (specifically some of the asian ones) to have mostly guys much younger than our age? (like 18-20) i'm just paranoid that it would be awkward and i would stick out like a sore thumb. do ppl our age even still go to clubs really?

letopho said...

Hello Anon,

In the gay world, you go clubbing until you die. GAMeboi (Asian Night) at Rage in West Hollywood is 18+, but a lot of older folks go too.

You won't stick out - Asians look young in general so it's hard to tell how old people are.

Most gay clubs are 21+, but Rage is 18+ so cover is high to compensate for kids who can't buy drinks... unless you go early.

I'm really not into gay clubbing in LA because of the music and people aren't as approachable, but it's a good experience for sure.

Hit me up on AIM: Letopho I love popping cherries.