Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Home

Jimmy and I moved into Ern's room this week.
We are officially nesting lesbians.

We found this purple couch and day bed at a garage sale for a steal of a price.  This is the living room section of our loft style space.

A closer look at the reading nook.  There is actually a nice view and great lighting coming from this one corner.

The door on the left leads to a walk in closet where Jimmy and I pile all of our clothing and the right door goes to a semi functional bathroom that was recently added on.  We don't trust the piping so, number 1 only and there's a shower stall as well.

The hall that leads into my old room is going to transform into a giant picture collage.  It has started!

Here is the reverse view.  We kept the bed in the same spot as Ern's but added a mini fridge and hid the ghetto exposed walls.

Ern used to house couch surfers in this "cave."  We took out the mattress and turned into a cubical-like office space.  All paper work clutter stays in this room.

Here is the sleeping space.  We also bought the red dresser and night stand from the same moving sale.  I sleep near the window because I love waking up to sun light and Jimmy sleeps by the alarm clock to help him wake up early for work.

It feels so cozy.  Though the bed slates keep fall off the frame and Jimmy and I crash to the floor randomly if there's too much movement.... or we're just really fat.  Fat nesting lesbians who watched Black Swan instead of going out.  Which, by the way, gave me anxiety after we finished watching it.  Good grief.

I like sharing the same space as Jimmy.  It forces me to be neater about my things because I want to respect the space.  The attic is large enough that we can escape to our own separate corners if we need "me" time.

Thinking about a room-warming party.  But let's wait until all these bdays calm down.

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Thomás said...

GURLL - I can't wait to be a fat nesting lesbian myself!

In any case, I am on BLOGGER now :) I've already cross-linked your blog.