Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Jimmy

It's stressful planing your boyfriend's birthday even when you're dating someone who never expects anything.  No matter - it needed to be perfect.  I took half day from work.

It was DineLA week meaning a handful of classy restaurants set aside a prefixed menu for a reasonable price.  Perfect.  I picked Chaya Downtown, an Asian Fusion place because I liked the vibe, the validated parking and 5 minute drive for the house.

I called in advanced, "can you do something special? it's my boyfriend's birthday."  And they made things happen.

They printed, "Happy Birthday Jimmy" on the menu!  He was so surprised.

Delicious.  The lemongrass dessert blew me away.

He appreciated it so much.  It was simple, stress free, easy.
I also got him some balloons, fancy markers for his art, a pook-a-looz Donald Duck and Brave Little Toaster poster because those are his favorite Disney characters.

After dinner we had some friends stop by for a kick back to chill in our new space and help drink my case of soju.

We got hungry again at 2AM and hit up a Hong Kong Cafe in the San Gabriel Valley (JJs).

Wuv you.

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