Sunday, October 23, 2011

Couplely Things

It's getting really domestic up in hurr.

Andrew is currently subletting this adobe (not adobo) style house for a couple of months and invited me/Jimmy and Ern/Erik over for some sangria and board games.  The place was really cozy and only a mile away from 321.  The doors were all arches and the walls were made to look like... clay.  I think.

As we got drunker and drunker, we all began to engage in what you would think drunk twenty-something gays engage in when they're alone with each other.

We couple swapped.

Ern and J.Lo talked, Jimmy and Andrew played a duet on the piano and Erik and I napped.

Though things got really crazy when J.Lo put on some salsa music.  Your nasty mind guessed correctly.  We salsa danced.

Jimmy surprised me.  He would never really salsa dance with me in public, but at Andrew's sublet he took charge of the rhythm.  MmmmMmMmm

Couples think the same way.  We ran into Andrew and J.lo at the beach, well rather we were one mile away from each other and met up.   They were collecting lost sunglasses. And last Saturday, we all had the same Hawaiian breakfast craving and ran into each other at Aloha Cafe in Little Tokyo.... like we were all pregnant and wanted some Spam.

What other couplely things are there to do?
- Go to home stores such as Target and Ikea
- Cook meals for two
- Do laundry together
- Be attached

Yeah, sounds right.  Oh.. and watch things.  Couples like to watch things.  Like 'that movie' you missed that's now available for download.  Or a new episode of 'that show' you're both hooked on.  I invited some our friends to do things, but they ask, "it's not a couple thing... is it?  because if it is, I'm going to kill you."

I enjoy making my friends be 3rd, 5th and 7th wheels.  That way, there's always a photographer.

And going out clubbing just doesn't sound as appealing.

I haven't danced in so long, but I have painted primer for our bathroom.  We selected a cute bathroom yellow called Buttercup..... Buttttttercupp.

I wonder if my nesting Lesbian membership card expires.


Oh yeah couples also like to buy pets.  In our case, we bought a plant.  His name is Hercules.  He's already wilting. I guess we are bad parents.

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Anonymous said...

Haha I totally agree with everything you said LQ. Redbox, cooking, checking out a festival are definitely "couples" activities. And inviting a 3rd, 5th or 7th wheel to be the photographer is always a plus =)