Sunday, September 4, 2011


Urban Dictionary says Somaekcol is:

A portmanteau of the words Soju, Maekju, Cola. You will need 2 shot glasses, a regular beer glass, and the ingredients below.

Soju - Korea's famous liquor
Maekju - beer (a glass of it, any brand will do)
Cola - Coca Cola

Pour the Coke into half a shot glass. Stack the 2nd shot glass on top, and fill this one to the brim with soju. Now fill the glass about 3/4 full of beer. Pick up the glass with your dominant hand, and the stack of shot glasses (still stacked) with your other hand. In one swift motion, drop the shots into the glass of beer (hopefully they stay stacked and upright), and immediate start chugging. If you do it right, the 2 shot glasses will separate past a certain tilt angle, releasing the Coke. You'll basically consume a pile of spiked beer, with a sweet cola finish at the very end.
This got me messed up pretty quick with my coworkers the other day, but she called it yongju.  We called it a Korean Car Bomb and we also prepared it differently (less messy.)

It made things a little more fun during AYCE KBBQ with Szeto last night.  You put the first shot glass carefully in the beer glass - put half coke.  Put the second shot glass inside - fill second shot glass with soju.  Pour a bunch of beer into it to your liking.  GANBEI!!  And chug. Use your index finger to tip the top shot glass to release the coke if it doesn't happen naturally. Smooth and delicious.  I wanna buy a ton of these Korean beer glasses so I can do this at home.  The American pint glasses are ridiculously to big for any sort of consumption.  In moderation, you will not know how much you had.

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