Monday, September 5, 2011

White Water Rapids of DEATH

Alysia and I have made it a tradition to go back to the bay for an annual river rafting trip every 4th of July weekend.  This year I was excited to bring Jimmy along!

2010 River Rafting.

We are lucky that Alysia's Dad co-owns a raft so that the only cost to us is gas.  It was perfect - Jimmy loves the out doors, we can take a little vacation away from Los Angeles, it was going to be a perfect weekend.

As we approached the rapids we soon realized that it was a little rockier than usual. With me as the captain we went head first into a huge rock throwing Jimmy and his friend overboard! 

While trying to get them back in, the rapids kept coming swallowing them whole.  We managed to save them, but lost a paddle.  This put a damper on the rest of the ride down the river.  To add to this, more rapids were coming.  The second rapid that tore through are raft manage to fill the entire boat with water.  Thankfully it was self-bailing.  We pulled over to catch our breath and witnessed two more rafts that had been completely flipped and a man drifting passed yelling "help!"  We didn't know what to do.

The waters seemed calm that day, but it was indeed rough.

Before all the crazy happened, we took a nice lunch break.  Check out my boyscout knot.

The water was cool.

Alysia admitted that the rapids were scarier than usual.  When we went home she discovered that the usual Class 3 rapids were classified at Class 4 that day meaning we should have worn helmets.  I'm thankful Jimmy didn't drown or hit his head or giant rocks.  Seriously.

The trip took a lot out of me.  I'm thinking of retiring this annual tradition, but we'll see what 2012 looks like.

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