Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feeling Crafty - Tazo Tea Gift Box

I've been collecting these Tazo Tea boxes looking for an opportunity to turn them into awesome birthday gift boxes.  Szeto was coming down to LA for his bday so I went hunting for his favorite things that would fit in the small box.

Turtle magnet, Kidrobot Best Friends Forever and pine-nuts.  Perfect. Drove around all of Silverlake looking for things.

With a gluestick, a ruler and an exacto knife, I was able to cover the Tazo tea box with some green textured paper.  Jimmy was a big help channeling my crafty side and providing all the supplies.

I had the perfect amount of left over paper to make a card that also fit inside. I thought the smudged ink added to the craft of the gift.  Voila!

Happy Birthday Eric!
He told me that it was the first magnet he will put on his fridge, he has been trying to collect the Best Friend Forever toys but they're sold out in the bay and he was surprised I remembered he liked pine-nuts.  SUCCESS!

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