Monday, September 5, 2011

Reliving College

It's quite common for me to hear folks say that "last night was like college all over again."  Like "college" is always the point of comparison when you go out drinking.  I guess it's a common point of referenceand everyone understands what you are talking about when you reference it.  Anyway, the other night in San Francisco was like college all over again...

But when I was in college, I didn't go to places like Double Dutch because I was barely 21.

...but college did consist of hanging out with these crazy Japanese Americans.  Oh look, drunk clubbing pictures. 

I enjoyed the straight venue for the music and was entirely entertained by the SF Mission creepsters.  What makes them unique?  They have mustaches, creepsters with mustaches that kept prowling on my petite JA friends.

I'm a creepster with a mustache too!

 Love this nonsense.
It was an unsuspected gather of old friends!  I label this picture - obligatory group photo with bombers in the back.

College came and left that night and we had a good time.

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