Monday, August 29, 2011

Clubbing Pictures

I remember a while back, Ern and I chatted about folks who post pictures of themselves clubbing.  Criticizing about how it's not that interesting and it's just a shot of people getting trashed per usual.

But thinking about it again, those photos do the same thing any group photos do which is capture the moment and energy at the time.  The picture above taken at Mr.Black  on a June Tuesday reminds me of the fun I had that night - people watching, dancing, laughing.  Also, coming early for the free drinks and leaving early before the drama starts.  That's our policy.

A new chapter is beginning soon.  Ern is moving in with Erik, I'm moving in with Jimmy into Ern's loft space and we are looking for new appartment-mates to fill 321 by October 1st.

I'm excited to think of a theme for Ern's Goodbye party/2 Year House-iversary, but uber depressed that the guy who introduced me to LA in its best light is no longer going to be sharing the same space as me.  

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