Sunday, August 12, 2007

Obligatory Excitement!

I was offered the job!
I met with the president and he told me that there are two reason I should not take the job offer: If it wasn't what I really wanted to do and if I was just doing it just to have a job.

Check and check. Too bad, I'm going to take it anyway. I'm going to be the youngest in the company and I'm going to come home tired, wishing I was back in college screwing around with people my age. But I need this. I hate wasting time, I hate uncertainty and I hate being so cheap.

I was pressured into getting a job because my friends had jobs already, I was tapping into my savings and I was wasting my timing doing nothing at home.

My cousins told me that they wished they didn't work right after college. My friend told me shes going to travel for a while before she starts working. My friend told me that she hates work!


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