Friday, August 3, 2007


Tonight at the banquet, I was given multiple gifts that I truly do not deserve, but I will accept all of it.

1. The Gift of Company
-I was surrounded by people who showed me how much they appreciated me even though I don't deserve any of it.
-Asya and Christina came despite the fact that they didn't know most of the people there. They have been there time and time again even though we barely communicate, when they are asked to come, they come... with alcohol.
-Tika and everyone gave me the best hugs ever
-Eric let me wrap my arms around him for longer than the usual American hug greeting
-Tofu jumped out the car in front me and joined me in my car in the middle of the road because I felt lonely.

2. The Gift of Flowers
-Sally and Colleen bought me flowers. They selected those that reminded me of them: Sunshine! Brilliant.
-Trinh bought me a boutonniere to match my semi formal outfit!

3. The Gift of laughter
-Michelle and Dina got me out of a bad mood. They made me laugh and reminded me how much I loved their company

4. The Gift of Generosity
-Tofu offered to pay for my AAA fee, which is really nice considering that I have been using invisible money to pay for my gas, dinner, and parking
-Katie and Brian offered to let me crash at her place because I was feeling tired

5. The Gift of Pictures
-If I had a good camera, I would have taken pictures with everyone in the room. But my mind was set at ease as people asked to take pictures with me with their camera. I am important enough for them to remember.
-Tofu gave me a picture that he collaged in a frame; images that reminded me of great times I've had with him.

6. The Gift of Words
-Trinh made a toast dedicated to me and Tofu
-Sally told me that I showed her how to care and that she couldn't image next year without me
-Kevin listened to me when I needed to vent and told me things I needed to hear
-Vincent and Colleen told me that I was always welcome at their places
-My name was called when I walked into the room as if I was missed
-I was touched, but I felt rude. I felt as though I stepped into a banquet for someone else because I didn't expect any of it.

I don't know. I wished I had helped plan the banquet with Trinh because she deserves it more than me or Tofu, yet she did all the work. I wish I invited people, but I let Tofu invite people for me and as a result, I left people out. I wished I walked around to talk to people like Tofu did, but I was distracted by so much selfishness. Despite all of that, it was an evening in which I received so many gifts that it will take me a while to unwrap them and put them in my room. I can't thank everyone enough, especially Trinh for their gifts to me. I feel like a spoiled child who deserves a spanking rather than all the gifts under the Christmas tree.

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