Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Night Before Everything

It's 9:00pm and I need to fill up my tank before 11 when the station closes. Tomorrow is my first day at work. And I'm leaving 45 minutes early to anticipate traffic.

Today, I cleaned my room and helped out with the garage sale. Eric Szeto stopped by to say hi and I gave him some comic books for his co-worker. He's always been a good friend. Not just to me, but in general people think very highly of him.

A woman recommended that I take Aloe Vera leaves and rub it on my face. I thanked her for the advice, but got sad because my skin was noticeable to be commented on by a stranger. On my right cheek is a constellation of a heart from old lesions that both Aaron and my mom pointed out. I guess it's cute, but in a not kind of way.

Smyr, Janelle and I headed over to Smyr's new apartment. As he was giving me the tour, I wondered if I had made the right decision. I could see myself living with him. Hanging out after a rough day at work and barely making enough money for our savings because the rent was so high. But that didn't matter because we were on our own. When I got home I asked my dad if I made the right choice. He said, well... I'm always welcomed at home and I can use that extra money to buy a car that I liked. I guess that's cool. I liked his roommate, witty and funny. We talked as if I would be over at his place a lot, but maybe not so much because of work. But I want to be a part of his base group of friends and it seems like Smyr really appreciates me as his friend and that's all I really ask for. Behind my mind, I was hoping his other roommate would die and I could move in in a year. Yeah.. a year.... JK!

I hope I make a sturdy group of San Jose friends, I have a couple of friends here and there, but no group. I'm looking forward to hanging out with Smyr and his roommate, Monyrith, Sean Paul, Jane, Jen and Eric. I'll leave the Berkeley folk to do their Berkeley thing until culture shows and the occasional party. And I'll leave my close group of high school friends to finish school or develop their new chapters in socal.
I need to iron my pants which are too baggy for me and my shirt which is French style. Good thing my cousin gave me cuff links. I'm also concerned that the shirt won't match the tie Tofu gave me. No worries. I wonder if I'll like this place... I'm already waiting for my first paycheck.


Stella said...

Good luck!


dannie said...

this is late, but hope your first day went well man =]