Thursday, August 30, 2007

Risky Business

After watching Risky Business and visiting the World Finance Group for my cousin, I have come to realize that my job is really honest. The World Finance Group has great marketers, they almost sold me a service I didn’t need and primed the conversation by insisting that I have an open mind. I was already suspicious. Hanging on the wall of this beautiful two story office was an oil paint of a fat Chinese man, the founder. Clue #1. During the presentation, a great presentation by the way, they threw out great hook slogans like, “People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan” to compliment their personal anecdotes. Clue #2. And they told me, If I am driven and have a passion I can work for them and receive a “generous compensation” that was purely commission based; Final clue. Other clues existed, for instance, the person doing the presentation was a Fashion Major and the Marketing director couldn’t answer my question about the turn over rate for “associates.” The movie, with Tom Cruise also exposed the dirty side of business. But you should watch it for yourself, it’s like soft porn.

I like my job because it’s honest. I feel like marketing can be deceptive. Marketers at times convince people to buy products/services that they don’t necessarily need. Since my product fulfills needs; clients come to us. I don’t want to take advantage of people, and in that sense, I guess consumer marketing isn’t for me. I think I may be better suited for event marketing. Like press releases and media stuff. Entertainment! It’s all becoming clearer; I can only promote things that I believe in. And I believe in making information available and letting the consumer decided if it’s right for them. I’ll never work purely on commission. It creates motives. I’m thrilled that I have more of a direction now. I plan to stay here for at least a year, afterward, I’ll probably find a job that’s more suited for what I want to do.

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dannie said...

i'm glad you like your job, i think thats what keeps you motivated in continuing to go to work. Whenever i have work, i don't want to go because i'm not enjoying it anymore. Maybe that's why i've decided to quit. Hope you continue to like your job.