Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eating Out April

A collage of food that I consumed in April

Grilled Salmon - True Foods
Cupcakes - Lark Cake Shop for Alysia's Birthday
Mediterranean Catering - From Work.  I like to bring leftover home and have a party
Chinese Tamale - Half & Half. I was intrigued by the name.. but it was just gluttonous rice.  Meh
Rabbit Food - True Food
Fried Rice -  Hae Jang Chon. It's dessert for KBBQ
Bun Mam - Ha Tien Quan.  Like pho, but more vinegar and sour.  Comfort South East Asian food
Banh Khot - Ha Tien Quan.
Mango - Thai Town, Thai New Years Festival
Tuna Crispy Rice - Paiche . Wrote a long review on what dishes to get!  With more pictures
Carbonara Udon - Marugame Monzo - Life Changing
Curry Udon - Marugame Monzo - Don't get this one
Nachos - Rosa Mexicana - Overpriced, but innovative
Egg Rolls with Compressed Noodles - Ha Tien Quan. Thanks to Gastronomy blog I finally found it!  I LOVE THIS DISH
Jerk Chicken - Back a Yard

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