Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Recap

You aint that cute.
The selfies of April.  Ridiculous
We are such a conceded generation.  I wonder what percentage of people's camera phone pictures are selfies.  I'm going to say for me 70% is food, 15% is selfies, 5% is group pictures and the last 10% is misc.  I send my selfies to Jimmy when I miss him; I'm sure he's very annoyed.  God, we try so hard to look cute twisting and turning our face muscles until we are unrecognizable.  I guess that's how duck face emerged.

In other news, this is what I did in April.  I am slowly catching up!   It's a good thing that I'm behind because it makes me feel like I have more than just half the year left!

Picnic at Grand Park

Fashionable gaysians in fashion, architecture, academia, science and finance.  Can you match the field with the face?

High school friends

 Watching our friend embarrass himself during his graduating improv class show at UCB Theatre

Went to Runyon Canyon and basically explored ALL trails.  Went the wrong way and almost slipped on the steep part of the hill.  Can you spot me scooting on my butt? I always thought Runyon was a tourist/people watching hike, but there are some serious trails where folks break a serious sweat.

Wine flight at IOTA

Sam's Birthday at Palsaik.  A reasonably priced 8 types of pork KBBQ place that's on a ton of must eat lists.  Charles' Birthday at Sky Bar.  We knew the password that night and managed to squeeze in some free drinks while crashing a pre-cochella party.  #LALife

I got Sam and Charles birthday desserts.  It ain't a celebration without sweets!

Andrew and JLo at Parish Rooftop bar.  Overpriced drinks, but impecable view.  So NYC.


Argento said...

RE: gaysians face match to field

FASHION - Gaysian 3
ACADEMIA - Gaysian 1
SCIENCE - Gaysian 4
FINANCE - Gaysian 2

letopho said...

@Argento - you got it all wrong. LOL!