Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bay to Breakers 2013 - Part 1 (Instagram Sharing #)

I am obsessed with Bay to Breakers.  This is our fourth year and I still feel like more needs to be experienced.  Everyone is drunk by 9AM walking along the path of a 7mile race in ridiculous costumes.  It's impossible to see everything, but I feel like I found the plan: start the walk at 9.  Dance party at Fell and Cole until 12:30PM.  Pass out in a park.

I had my theme set months in advanced and I was thrilled to find each piece!  Top hats at Daiso, tuxedo shirts at goodwill and monocles from a costume store (though Eric was able to make his own at a fraction of the price.)  Bay to Breakers is about being creative and resourceful especially since every year another rule is added.

2010 ...

2011 - No floats (Because people kept getting run over)

2012 - No nudity or Alcohol (Because people got too rowdy and peed on everything)... if they see a beer, they pour it out... but if it's concealed... whatever.

2013 - No backpacks (Boston)

2014 - No ... music?!  OH GOD SAVE US!!!

Though I feel incomplete, because there wasnt enough alcohol in our beverage satchels.. there wasn't enough music or creativity.  Everyone is being so cautious, but that's the price you pay for safety.  As I figure out the best mode of party.. so does the city of San Francisco - more fences to prevent property destruction  more urinals to prevent public peeing, more "rule" to deter over doing it.  I just wish I had known about this sooner.

Thank goodness for Instagram, I felt closer to the strangers that I partied with and caught images of things I may have missed.  I also found my group in some pictures.

My Favorite #BaytoBreakers Instagram Photos 
(credit in the photo file name.)

Best Outfits:

Tons of Cards Against Humanity Sets

Passed Out:

A ton of hot guys practically naked wearing speedos or... chicken costumes.

Found Us!!

Next Year:

I want more.  I'm already thinking about next year.  I found this picture and I wish it was me!  I wish I had the opportunity to release my confetti canons sitting on a street light watching everyone cheer at The Park at Fell and Cole.

This will happen.  This is on my life to-do list.

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